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Run a Privacy Checkup on Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter

Happy Data Privacy Day! 

Celebrate by spending a few minutes checking the privacy settings in your accounts. 

Read on for detailed instructions on running a privacy checkup on Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Google & YouTube Privacy Checkup

To check your Google and YouTube privacy settings: 

1. Sign in to Google in a browser

2. Click your profile photo at top right

3. Select Manage your Google Account

If Google has privacy suggestions for you, you will see a notice.

4. Click Data and personalization on the left menu

5. Click Privacy Checkup 

Or go directly to 

6. Review your privacy settings

Personalize your Google experience
  • Google Web & App activity: Turn on or off, or auto-delete after a set amount of time
  • Location History: Turn on or off Google saving your location
  • YouTube History: Turn on or off YouTube watch history and search history
Manage what you share on YouTube
  • Set whether all your playlists are private
  • Set whether your subscriptions are private
  • Content in your Activity Feed (note the Activity Feed was discontinued in 2019, so this won't display)
  • Video upload default privacy settings public, unlisted or private (opens YouTube Studio)
  • Playlist privacy settings (open YouTube Studio)
Manage your Google Photos settings
  • Set whether geographical location is removed when photos are shared by link
Help people connect with you
  • "Better sharing on Google" enables video calls and messages when shared with your phone number, rather than just SMS
  • Help people identify you via your account phone number
Control what others see about you
  • Profile: Edit your Google profile photo and other information, and control whether Anyone or Only You can see it
  • Shared endorsements: share your profile name, profile photo, and activity in shared endorsements in ads.
Change your Google Ad Preferences

You can enable or disable ad personalization and remove personalized ad categories at 

Scroll down to that 

Privacy checkup for your YouTube channel's Brand Account

If your YouTube channel is on a Brand Account, be sure to run a Google Privacy Check on the Brand Account in addition to your personal Google account.

    1. Sign in to with your main Google account
    2. Click your profile photo at top right
    3. Select your YouTube channel's Brand Account
        If you have multiple Brand Accounts you may need click All brand accounts.
    4. Follow the directions above. 

You can also manage ad preferences for your YouTube channel's Brand Account at

Just make sure you are reviewing settings for the correct account by making sure the profile photo at top right matches your YouTube channel icon. 

Facebook Privacy Checkup

To check your Facebook privacy settings: 

1. Sign in to Facebook in a browser

2. Click the Accounts button (down arrow) at top right.

3. Select Settings and Privacy

4. Select Privacy Checkup

or go directly to

5. Check your privacy settings. You can change whether posts, profile details, friend requests are open to everyone, friends, friends of friends or only you.

Who can see what you share

  • Who can see profile information like your phone number, email, birthday and friends list
  • Who can see your Posts and Stories by default. You can also change who can see your past posts.
  • Manage your Blocked List

How to keep your account secure

  • It will show if there are recommended security actions.
  • Change your password
  • Set up two-factor authentication
  • Control your alerts of sign-ins from new locations

How people can find you on Facebook

  • Set who can send you a friend request
  • Review friend requests
  • Choose who can look you up by your email and phone number
  • Set whether "search engines outside Facebook" can view your profile

Your data settings on Facebook

  • Review and manage apps that use your Facebook sign-in
  • Allow (or disallow) Facebook to use face recognition to identify you in photos and videos

Your ad preferences on Facebook

  • Select which information on your profile Facebook can use to personalize ads
  • Set who can see your social interactions alongside ads (for example, if you liked the Page running the ad)

Privacy information in the Facebook Help Center

Twitter Privacy Checkup

Twitter doesn't have a privacy checkup wizard so you have to check your settings directly.

1. Sign into Twitter in a web browser.

2. On the bottom of the left menu click ... More 

3. Select Settings and privacy

4. Select Privacy and safety

Or go directly to

5. Check your privacy settings

Your Twitter Activity

  • Audience and Tagging
    • Protect your Tweets
    •     Change who can tag you in photos
  • Your Tweets
    •  Enable the ability to add location info to your Tweets
    •   Mark photos and videos you share as "sensitive" content.
  • Content you see
    • Display media with sensitive content
    • Manage your Topics and Interests
    • Control whether your location is used in Explore
    • Control whether you see sensitive content and content from blocked users in Search
  • Mute and block
    • Manage Blocked accounts
    • Manage Muted accounts
    • Manage Muted words
    • Choose to mute notifications from people you don't follow or who don't follow you, who are new, or who haven't set up their profile
Data Sharing and Off-Twitter Activity
  • Ads preferences
    • Disable personalized ads
    • Request Advertiser List of advertisers who have you in their "audiences"
  • Off-Twitter activity
    • Allow Twitter to track your visits to other websites with embedded Twitter content
    • Allow Twitter to "personalize your experience" based on your "inferred identity"
  • Data sharing with business partners
    • Allow Twitter to share "additional information" with business partners
  • Location Information
    • Allow Twitter to personalize content based on places you have been
    • Allow Twitter to see places you have been (check this for accuracy)
    • Allow location information to be added to your Tweets
  • Allow Explore to show you content based on your current location

Privacy information in the Twitter Help Center

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