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Download your YouTube Channel Data from Google Analytics

Google Analytics will no longer show YouTube channel data as of February 1. You can export a report with the data until then.

Google Analytics linking going away: The ability to link your channel to Google Analytics will be discontinued on November 17, 2020. You can continue to use YouTube Analytics to understand your audience and monitor the performance of your channel. If you already have a link set up, you can view your updated channel homepage data until February 1, 2021. You also have the option to export a report.   (Source)

The data includes the demographics of visitors to your channel home page, including where the traffic came from. For example, you could see if people were visiting your channel from a particular blog post or social media site. 

The Google Analytics data does not include stats on video watch page visits, video views or earnings.

 If you linked your YouTube channel to Google Analytics before November 17, 2020, you can view and download this data from your Google Analytics account until February 1, 2021. 

YouTube Analytics does not include the equivalent data for your channel home page. If that is data you would like to see, send feedback to YouTube.

For what it's worth, my channel has orders of magnitude more visits to individual video watch pages than my channel home page. While it's nice to see the stats in Google Analytics, it's more useful to understand the traffic to my videos, which is covered in YouTube Analytics.

Export a Report from Google Analytics

It's easy to export data from Google Analytics to Google Sheets, as a PDF file or download in a format that can be opened in your favorite spreadsheet software. Note that if you are using the "new Analytics experience" (Analytics 4) your account may look different than this.

1. Sign in to Google Analytics ( 

Note: you likely need to sign in to Analytics with the same Google account that is the Primary Owner of your YouTube channel's Brand Account. 

2. Select your YouTube channel's Property

3. Generate a report with your Analytics data

The Analytics Help Center has detailed instructions for creating different reports.

If you want to export all your data, be sure to set the time period back to the date you set up your YouTube channel in Analytics.

4. At the top right of the report click Export

5. Select how you want the data delivered: 

PDF: Download a .pdf file. This can be opened on most devices.

Google Sheets: Import the data into a Google Sheets sheet. This opens Google Sheets on the same Google account as your Google Analytics account.

Excel: Download a .xlsx file that can be opened by Microsoft Excel. 

CSV: Download a .csv (comma separated values) file that can be imported into most spreadsheet software.

More information: