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Week in Review - April 11, 2015: YouTube to offer ad-free experience, new AdSense and YouTube Analytics reports, Snapseed update

What's been happening this week? If you're a music fan, check out the live stream of the Coachella music festival (April 10-12).  And now that you've got the music playing, read on for updates, tips and articles about YouTube, Photos, Google+, AdSense and more.


  • YouTube Partner Update: new terms cover paid subscriptions for an ad-free experience
  • YouTube Analytics update: now segment data by subscribers vs non-subscribers (Ted Hamilton)
  • Know any examples of the clever use of YouTube Annotations? (Tony Ruscoe)
  • YouTube adds visual overlays to make skippable TrueView ads more interactive - and more lucrative (AdAge)
  • Block replies to your YouTube comments by changing post settings on Google+ (G+ discussion of my post, and yes comments are enabled)


  • Restrict your Google+ Audience by age or country - but beware of the potential pitfalls! (John Skeats)
  • The secret to success in Google+ Communities: interact, be on topic, follow the rules (Google+ TCs)
  • Why you shouldn't worry about your Google+ Page's or Profile's view count (Masatake Wasa)


  • Your Google+ photos and videos in Google Drive: deletions everywhere, but not edits (Michael Banks)
  • Get the new updated Snapseed photo editing app!  (Nils Kokemohr)
  • Beyond focus and exposure: 10 tips for better photo compositions with Steve McCurry

Google Hangouts

  • Google Apps for Work administrators can now control Hangout chat history in their organization
  • Limit who can start a Google Hangout with you in your Hangout settings on Google+
  • Of course Hangouts has Easter Easter eggs!


  • AdSense performance reports updated: opt in to the newly redesigned Performance tab


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