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Adjust posts from Google+ Circles in your Home stream

Take control of your Google+ Stream! Once you've adjusted the number of posts you see from What's Hot and Recommended and your Communities, the next step is to adjust the number of posts you see from each of your Circles.

Google+ Circles let you group the people and pages you are following. You can create Circles based on affiliation, relationship, topic or profile photo color or whatever other scheme you want to use. Circles let you easily control who sees specific posts and who can interact with you.

But sometimes you want someone in your Circles, but aren't that interested in their posts. Or maybe when you check your Google+ stream you only want to see updates from your friends, but not any news.

Fortunately, you can easily adjust the number of posts you see from each of your Circles in your Google+ Home stream.

Adjust posts in your stream from specific Circles on a desktop computer:

1. View your Home stream. 

If you are signed in as a Google+ Profile, just open .  If you are signed in as a Google+ Page, you can click the "Stream" option in the left menu.

2. Select a Circle to adjust

Your Google+ Circles are shown along the top of your stream. Only recently viewed Circles may be visible, but you can click "More" to see the entire list.

Click on the name of the Circle you want to adjust.

This is how you can view just the posts made by the members of a one Circle.

3.  Click the gear icon to open the Circle settings

At the top of the page you will see a box showing which Google+ Profiles and Pages are in the circle. There is also a bell icon to set notifications, and a gear icon for settings. Click the gear icon.

4. Adjust the level of posts from the Circle you want to see in your Home stream

You can de-select the option to "Show posts in Home stream" or if you still want to see a few, you can set the amount of posts to Fewer.

To see all the posts from that Circle, just view that Circle's stream again.

Adjust posts in your stream from specific Circles on a mobile device:

The instructions and screenshots below are for the Google+ Android app, but it should work similarly on iOS devices.

1. Sign in the to the Google+ app and tap Home under your name

2. Tap "Circles" to display all your Circles

3. Tap the name of the Circle you want to adjust

4. On the Circle screen, tap the People List icon

5. On the screen with the list of people and pages in your Circle, tap the 3 dot icon on the upper right

6. Select "Circle settings" from the menu

7. On the Circle settings screen tap Amount

8. Set the amount of posts from the Circle you would like to see in your Home stream: More, Standard, Fewer or None

Learn more about filtering posts from your Circles Google+ Help Center: Filter the posts on your Google+ Home page

More on managing posts in your Google+ Stream:

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Posted by Peggy K



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