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Shorthand vanity URLs for YouTube channels: now based on new-style custom URLs

Ever since the new YouTube custom URLs were introduced, YouTubers have wanted to also have the equivalent shorthand vanity URL - one without the /c/ in the middle.  Now channels with a new-style custom URL automatically have the equivalent shorthand URL.

A shorthand vanity URL - one without a /user/ or /c/ - is useful to use to promote your channel. In the past, that short URL was most often based on the /user/ URL for the channel. Now that's changed. Shorthand URLs are now based on the new /c/ custom URL, not the old /user/ URL.

If your channel's old and new custom URLs are different, you should check to be sure the old shorthand URL still leads to your channel.

Not sure if your channel has new-style custom URL set? Check your channel's Advanced Account Settings (

Why does my old shorthand vanity URL now direct to the wrong YouTube channel?

As with every change, there may be complications:

If your /c/ custom URL matches your channel's old /user/ custom URL, then the same shorthand URL will continue to work as usual. No problem.

Also, if your channel never had a /user/ custom URL, then this is a great new feature that allows your channel to have a shorthand URL for the first time.

But what happens if your channel's /c/ custom URL is different than the old /user/ custom URL?  The old shorthand URL may now direct to someone else's channel if that channel has claimed the equivalent /c/ custom URL!  

If your channel has a /user/ custom URL, but no new /c/ URL, currently your old shorthand URL still works, as long as no other channel has claimed the equivalent /c/ URL for their channel.

Confused? Here is an example:

I have two channels with old style /user/ custom URLs.
The way the shorthand URLs used to work:
  • redirected to
  • redirected to
The way the shorthand URLs work now:
There is no longer any shorthand URL for, because a different channel has the custom URL

The only way to get a shorthand URL for would be to add a new-style /c/ custom URL, but that would not match the old /user/ custom URL (because it's already taken).


If your YouTube channel's old /user/ and new /c/ custom URLs are different, make sure that any links and promotional materials are updated with the correct new URL. You wouldn't want to send potential viewers to the wrong channel!


  1. Hi, Peggy!

    1. So, if I understood:"blahblah" (just an example) redirects me to"blahblah" but just because no one had reclaimed "blahblah" as a channel name, right? So, once reclaimed"blahblah" will redirect me to"blahblah"

    2. In channel settings, my only channel custom url is"blergh" (again, just an example), I dont really remember setting up this name (the same as my Google+ profile, by the way). I dont have any suscriber (until now) and below my channel custom url theres a text: "Our Custom URL system has changed. Learn more." Why Google show me that if"blergh" is permanent? Can I still change that url and at last reclaim"blahblah" for myself after the 100 suscribers rule?

    Hope you can help me trying to understand this. I´ve breaking my head for days and this post is the only thing clear enough.

    Thanks :)

    1. Hi Fixionauta!
      1. That's right. Once someone claims the short URL will redirect there instead of to

      2.Custom URLs are shared between G+ and YouTube. If you have a custom URL on Google+ that is, the YouTube channel connected to that Google+ will be

      There is no way to change that once it is set.

      If you moved your YouTube channel to a different Google+ Page or Profile with the custom URL then the YouTube custom URL would change.

      But that has drawbacks: comments after November 2013 and private messages will stay with the old Google+, and not move with the channel.

      There is also no guarantee a new Google+ will be offered the custom URL +blahblah

      How to move your channel:

  2. Hi,,,i have no personal website or domain name. I want custom url on YouTube without 100 subscribers, is it possible?

    1. Hi Jimmy: If your channel uses your Google account name (, and you have a personal Google+ Profile, then you just need 10 Google+ followers to be offered a custom URL. But if your channel is using a business or other name, you either need 100 subs or a website.

    2. Hi Peggy how are you.Have 2-3 issues and i am sure only you can solve them.Can i request you to give your whatsapp number i wanted to talk with you ?

  3. Hello Peggy :)
    You are not on facebook ?
    can i request you to share your whatsapp no. i wanted to talk with you ?

    1. Hi Dominic: the best place to get assistance is the official YouTube help forum:!forum/youtube

  4. Please help me
    i don't like my short URL on youtube when be like this***
    i want it be like this****
    How i can do it by "user" not by "C"

    1. Egyptian Gull Life: YouTube stopped offering the /user/ URLs a couple years ago. The /c/ URL is the only option.

  5. Wow. You know a lot. I'm still confused. A little back story. I reserved an account with the username I want which matches mydotcom. Didn't log in for a minute and google deleted the account a few weeks ago. They're saying I filed to restore it too late and make a new one, but they kept the username! Anyhow, I created a new account using me@mydotcom instead of mydotcom@gmail (cause I couldn't) as my login and am wondering if I'll be able to get back. I want it to be clean, exactly the way I originally set the brand up. Also, did I understand correctly that I could bypass the 100 users to get the vanity url? I would like to have the vanity url set up before I publish to the world. Thank you for this website!

    1. It's definitely complicated. There isn't currently any way to bypass the requirement for 100 subscribers to be eligible for a custom URL - it used to be possible, when custom URLs were shares with Google+, but now they are separate.

      So it's a possibility that you will be offered the same custom URL that you had before, but there is no guarantee. Custom URLs are usually based on the channel name, especially for newer channels.

  6. Do you know anything about vanity URLs that has no /c/?

    For example:

    The only channel I can think of is:

    When you try to switch to each tabs it doesn't show the /c/

    1. All custom URLs are in the form[name]

      There is usually also a short vanity URL that will also direct to your channel. In most cases that is[name].

      So you can reach my channel at (notice no /c/ in the URL).

      But that is only set after you add a custom URL.


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