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How to add Comment Moderators to your YouTube Channel

Fostering lively discussions on your videos can help build your YouTube channel. But not all comments are good, as spam and abuse can drive fans away. And if you are a busy creator, you may not have time to constantly monitor and moderate comments on your videos.

Now YouTube has a solution: you can designate other channels as Comment Moderators. Moderators can remove comments from your videos. Those comments are then added to your channel's Held for Review Comment queue as "Flagged by moderator" until you approve or remove them.

There are two ways to add a Moderator:
You can also remove Moderators in your Community Settings.

Read on for more detailed instructions!

Promote a commenter to Moderator

1. Sign in to YouTube, click your channel icon at top right and click the Creator Studio button

>> That opens

2. On the left menu click Community > Comments

>> That opens

3. Find a comment by the commenter you want to promote

4. Click the Flag icon to the right of the comment

5. Select Add this user as a comment moderator

Add (or remove) a Moderator in Community Settings

1. Sign in to YouTube, click your channel icon at top right and click the Creator Studio button

>> That opens

2. On the left menu click Community > Community Settings

>> That opens

3. In the Moderator box enter a channel username or channel URL

>> Note that a channel only has a "username" if it has a /user/ URL.  The best way to ensure the correct channel is added is to enter the full channel URL.

4.  Click the Save button at top right

What do the new Moderators see? 

When you add a moderator to your channel, they are notified by email:

When a Moderator visits your channel, they will be able to click the 3 dot menu icon next to a comment, and choose the option to "Remove" it:

Learn more in the YouTube Help Center:

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