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Manage your Google Brand Accounts for YouTube, Google+, and Photos

If you use a brand name, business name, band name or any name other than your personal Google account name for YouTube, Google+, or Google Photos, you likely have a Google+ Brand Page.

It is now possible to manage your Google Brand Accounts in your Google Account Settings, independently from Google+ and Google My Business.

Google Brand Account details:  Manage permissions & Edit account info

When you are managing your Brand Account you can:
  • Manage Permissions: view, add or remove Managers (if you are the Brand Account owner) 
  • Edit Account Info: change your Brand Account settings, including name and profile photo 
  • Act as the Brand Account: access your Brand Account's YouTube, Google+ or Google Photos accounts 

If you are interested in learning how to navigate to the Google Brand Account settings, read on!

Access your Brand Accounts from your Google Account settings

You can manage all your Brand Accounts from your Google Account settings.

1. Open your Google Account Settings

Anywhere on Google, click your Google account profile photo (or first initial) at top right, then click the My Account button.

 That will open

2. Under "Personal Info and Privacy" click "Account Overview"

That opens

3. Under "Account Overview" click "View Dashboard"

After you enter your Google account password, that opens:

4. On your Dashboard find "Brand Accounts" and click "Manage Accounts

Note: the listed Brand Accounts are only those you Own, not those you Manage

That opens:

5. On your "Brand Accounts" page click the Brand Account you want to manage

Both the Brand Accounts you Own and Manage are listed.

That will open:[PageID]/view

The [PageID] is the 21-digit number at the end of a Google+ Page's URL:

6.. That will open the Brand Account Details for the Brand Account

Click Manage Permissions to view, add or remove managers.
Click Edit Account Info to change the name, profile photo or other details

Note: If you want to create a new Brand Account, you can do so at Google My Business.

Manage the Brand Account for your YouTube channel

If your YouTube channel uses a business, band or brand name, you can easily get to the channel's Brand Account to view and add or remove Managers, or edit account details including the name and profile photo (which are used as your channel name and channel icon).

1. Sign in to YouTube (

2. Make sure you are using the correct channel identity

You can switch channel identities by clicking your channel icon avatar at top right, or by going to your Google Account's  All My Channels (

3. Open your channel's Settings

Click your channel icon at top right, and then the gear to open the Settings (

4. On your channel's Settings page click Add or remove managers 

5. That will open the Brand Account Details for your channel's account

Click Manage Permissions to view, add or remove managers.
Click Edit Account Info to change the name, profile photo (channel icon) or other detail.
Click the Google Photos, Google+ or YouTube icon to navigate to those services

Manage the Brand Account for your Google+ Page

If you have a Google+ Brand Page, with or without a YouTube channel, you can access the Page's Brand Account to view and add or remove Managers, or edit account details including the name and profile photo.

1. Sign in to Google+ (

Make sure you are using the New Google+ Web Preview not the "Classic" Google+ interface.

2. Switch to managing your Google+ Page

You can switch to your Page identity by clicking your profile photo at top right

3. When you are managing your Google+ Page, click "Profile" on the left menu

4. On your Page's Profile, click the Edit Profile button 

5. That will open the Edit Profile screen for your Page

You can change the Page's name, profile or cover art.

6. Click the Manage Page button

That opens the About Me settings for that Page

Note that there does not appear to be a way access the Page's Manager settings from this screen.

If you want to add or remove managers, it's best to start on your Brand Account settings page, rather than on Google+.

Posted by Peggy K


  1. where's the "integration" part on this article?
    i have 2 brands that need to be one

    1. dtvguy: unfortunately Brand Accounts cannot be merged. You would have to choose which one to use, then make sure it has the Google+ Page and YouTube channel you want to focus on. YouTube channels, but not Google+ Pages, can be moved from one Brand Account to another.

  2. Hi...i have been made a Manager of a Brand Account but i cannot see the Google Plus icon in the Google Apps list. When i open the Brand Account details it has "Act as Obrien Real Estate Tarneit on: Photos and My Business. I cannot see the G+ logo. I have loads of G+ accounts i manage and i have not had this issue before. Can you help?

    1. Adwords Professional: Google My Business made a change at the beginning of October. It is no longer possible to add a Google+ Page or a YouTube channel to a GMB-created Brand Account. To use Google+ or YouTube you will need to make a separate Brand Account via one of those products.


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