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Google Meet safety and moderation controls for hosts

Google Meet has rolled out meeting management and safety tools to everyone, making it easier for a meeting Host to prevent disruptions. A host can turn off chat and screen sharing, mute everyone, and end the meeting for everyone.

There are two Host settings: 

  • Let everyone Share their screen
  • Let everyone Send chat messages

If those settings are turned off, only the host can present their screen or post in the in-meeting chat. 

Hosts can also: 

  • Mute everyone with a single click
  • End the meeting for everyone
These settings are available for both free personal Google accounts and Google Workspace accounts. 

Read on for detailed instructions.

Watch a quick demo of how to change the settings for screen sharing and chat. 

Turn off screen sharing and chat for participants

    The Meet meeting host can turn off screen presentation and chat for all other meeting participants. This feature is available on desktop and in the iOS and Android apps. 

    On Desktop

    In the meeting where you are signed in as the host: 

    1. Click the shield icon at the bottom right of the screen

    That will open the right panel. 

    Note: if you do not see the shield icon, you are not signed in as a meeting host. 

    2. Make sure you have Host Management enabled

    3. Use the toggles to turn off or on the settings under Let Everyone

    • Share their screen
    • Share chat mesages

    Blue means the option is on, white means the option is off. 

    As the host, you will be able to present your screen or post in the meeting chat no matter what the setting. 

    On an Android device

    You can also manage these settings in the Android and iOS Meet or Gmail apps. 

    1. Open the Meet meeting signed in as the meeting host

    2. Tap the screen once so that the controls on the bottom of the meeting appear (microphone, camera, hang up)

    3. Tap the 3 dot menu icon at the bottom of the screen. 

    4. Tap the Meeting Safety shield icon

    5. Use the toggles to turn off or on the settings under 

    Let Everyone

    • Share their screen
    • Share chat mesages
    Blue means that those settings are on.

    Mute everyone in the meeting 

    Sometimes you just need everyone else in the meeting to pipe down.

    A meeting host can mute individual meeting participants or mute everyone else in the meeting with a single click. 

    Muting everyone is only available on desktop and iOS devices at this time. 

    Mute on Desktop

    1. In the Meet meeting where you are a host, Tap the people Show Everyone icon at bottom right. 

    That opens the People list for the meeting.

    2. To mute individuals click the audio status icon to the right of their name. 

    If the person is making sounds, you will see the white dots moving in the icon.

    You can also mute individuals by clicking the microphone icon on their thumbnail in the meeting. 

    3. To mute everyone in the meeting other than yourself, click the Mute all button

    End the meeting for everyone

    When your meeting is over the host can kick everyone out by ending the meeting for everyone. 

    This feature is currently only available on desktop and iOS devices. 

    If you are a Meet meeting host, just click the red telephone receiver button at the bottom of the screen to leave the meeting. 

    You will see a prompt that lets you choose: 
    • Just leave the call (you leave and everyone else stays)
    • End the call (the meeting ends for everyone)