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Report abuse in a Google Meet meeting

If you are in a Meet video call with someone who is spamming, running a scam or otherwise violating Meet's acceptable usage policy, you can report them to Google. 

As the world has shifted to online meetings, classes, and social events, so have spammers and scammers and other bad actors. With Google Meet taking the place of classic Hangouts, there is a greater chance you will run into someone who violates policy.

While there isn't any option to block someone in Meet, you can report them to Google.

Note that if you are a meeting host, the best first step is to prevent bad actors from joining your meeting: 
  • Create a Google Calendar Event, and only invite people you know.
  • If you create a meeting link, be careful who you share it with.
  • If someone "knocks" and asks to join your meeting only admit them if you know them.
Meeting hosts can also remove meeting participants by clicking the circle with a minus sign. 

Anyone can report abuse in a Meet meeting. 

Watch the video for an overview, or read on for detailed instructions.

What is prohibited on Google Meet? 

The Google Meet Acceptable Usage Policy details what actions and content on Meet are prohibited. Those include: 
  • Child sexual abuse and exploitation
  • Circumvention of Google's policies or restrictions on your account
  • Dangerous and illegal activities
  • Fraud, phishing, or collecting sensitive data
  • Harassment, bullying and threats
  • Hate speech against individuals or groups based on "race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or any other characteristic that is associated with systemic discrimination or marginalization."
  • Impersonation someone or misrepresentation of the source of a Meet invitation 
  • Malware and similar malicious content
  • Selling or advertising regulated goods and services, including alcohol, gambling, pharmaceuticals, unapproved supplements, tobacco, fireworks, weapons or medical devices. 
  • Sharing other people's personal or confidential information. Content that is generally available elsewhere is not prohibited.
  • System interference with Meet and its services
  • Terrorist content including inciting violence or celebrating terrorist attacks.
  • Violence and gore, especially involving real-life people or animals.
Be sure to read the entire policy for more detailed information.

Meet does note that they will "make exceptions based on educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic considerations, or where there are other substantial benefits to the users of the service."

Report Abuse on Google Meet

You can report abuse during your Google Meet meeting, on the web, or in the mobile Meet and Gmail apps. 

1. Click the 3 dot menu icon at bottom right.

2. Select Report Abuse.

This opens a form that states: 
"This call will be reported as abusive. Clicking 'Report' will send system information from this session to Google for review."
3. Select the type of abuse.
Select the type of Abuse. If you select "Other" be sure to add more details.

4. Enter the display name(s) of the person or people violating policy.

5. Add a description. The more specific and detailed, the better.

6. Submit the form.

You can also report abuse after a meeting using this form

1. Enter the Meet meeting code. This is the string of 10 letters at the end of a meeting link. 

2. Enter a contact email address.

3. Enter the date and time of the meeting/

4. Enter the display name(s) of the person or people violating policy.

5. Add a description. The more specific and detailed, the better.

6. Select the type of abuse.

7. Submit the form.

Note that when you submit the abuse report form, your account and system information are included with the report.

You will not receive a response or confirmation email, although in some cases Google may contact you for additional information. 

What happens if you violate the Google Meet Acceptable Use Policy?

If you violate Meet policy, Google may disable your ability to use Meet or disable your entire Google account.

Google may also report you to the relevant authorities in cases of threats of harm or dangerous situations.

If you believe your account has been disabled in error, you can appeal.

1. Sign in to Google and you should see a notice. 
2. Select Try to restore
3. Follow the instructions you see. 

If you are unable to complete these steps, you can fill out this form.

Google will review your appeal, and will usually let you know within two business days if your account will be restored. 

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