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How to share a private YouTube video

You can limit who can see your YouTube video to specific individuals by setting the visibility to Private, then sharing with their Google account email addresses.

This isn't a new feature, but YouTube recently moved the private video sharing settings from classic into YouTube Studio, making them easier to find and edit. You can share during the video upload process or from the uploaded video's Details page.

Note that to share a private video with someone, you need to know the email address they use to sign in to YouTube (or, more accurately, to sign in to the Google account they use to access YouTube). 

A few other limitations of private videos on YouTube:

  • Private videos are only visible to you and the people you share them with.
  • Private videos can only be viewed by invitees using their main Google account identity. If they use a brand account identity on YouTube, they may need to switch to their main Google account to view the video.
  • Private videos cannot be found in YouTube search.
  • Private videos cannot be added to a channel section. 
  • Private videos will not show in the Subscriber feed of the people you shared them with.
  • Private videos cannot be commented on.
  • Private videos are scanned by YouTube's Content ID system and can get a copyright claim. They may also be reviewed for possible abuse and ad suitability.
Watch for a brief tutorial, or read on for detailed instructions.

Share a private video during the upload process

The easiest way to share a private video is during the upload process. 

1. On a desktop computer sign in to YouTube Studio (

2. Click the Create button and select Upload Videos

3. Select your video file to upload

4. Add the Details (title, description) and Video Elements (end cards, screens). If your channel is in the YouTube Partner Program, update the Monetization settings.

5. On the Visibility tab, select Private

6. Click Share Privately

7. Enter the Google account email addresses you want to share with

8. Select Notify by email to send an email notification that the video was shared

9. Click Done

10. Save your video settings

Add or edit private video sharing on the video Details page

If you have already uploaded your video, you can add or edit the sharing settings on the video details page. 

1.  On a desktop computer sign in to YouTube Studio (

2. On the left menu select Videos (or go directly to

3. Find the private video you want to share, and click the Edit Pencil icon to open the Details page

4. On the Details page click Visibility on the lower right.

5. If you have not yet shared the private video, click Share Privately

If you have previously shared the private video, click Edit

6. In the pop-up window, add the Google account email addresses you want to share with.

7. Click Done at the bottom of the invite box

8. Click Done at the bottom of the Visibility settings box

9. Click the Save button at the top right of the page to save the changes.

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