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Quick Tip: Find and use Blogger's 1000+ Fonts

You can add some character to your Blogger blog posts by using one of the more than a thousand fonts it offers. The fonts are the from the Google Fonts collection, which has open source fonts that can also use for your own non-Blogger website or blog. 

The fonts can be classy, like Tangerine

Or dramatic, like Bungee Shade

Or fun, like Butterfly Kids

Or add some comic book style like Bangers

There are fonts in more than 20 different language scripts, from Arabic to Vietnamese.

Note: if you want to change the font of your entire blog, customize your blog's Theme instead. Click the Theme tab on the left menu, then the orange Customize button to change how your blog's theme looks.

Watch the video to learn how to quickly add fonts to your Blogger posts editor or read on for detailed instructions.

How to add a font to the Blogger post editor

Open the Blogger post editor: 

1. Click the Font Type button

2. Select Add More Fonts

3. On the font selection screen:

  • Browse fonts
  • Search for a font (see below for search tips)
  • Filter by the language Script
  • Filter by font category (display, handwriting, monospace, serif, sans serif)
  • Sort by popularity, date added, or alphabetically

4. Click on the font you want to add. It will appear on the My Fonts list on the right.

5. When you are done click the blue Select button.

Those additional fonts are now in your blog's Font Type menu when you edit posts or pages.

Find fonts in Google Fonts

You can find all the same fonts in Google Fonts (, where there are more search options.

Browse through the list, or start on the Featured Fonts page.

You can click a font card to get more details, including popular font pairings.

Once you find fonts you want to use, you can add them to your Blogger blog by following the instructions above. There are instructions on the font page for using it with other platforms.

Learn more

Google Fonts: Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Come si fa a ridurre lo spazio tra una frase e l'altra nel tema.che usi tu? Perché se inserisco questo tema, vi è troppo spazio tra una frase e l'altra!

    1. I don't think I made any changes to change the line spacing (or if I did it was several years ago). You should be able to add custom CSS to your blog's theme by going to Themes > Customize > Advanced then click the menu and scroll down the options to "Add CSS" (there aren't obvious scroll bars, but you should be able to scroll anyway).

      You can get tech details about CSS for line height here.


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