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Weekly Update - August 28, 2021: YouTube Partner Program, Google Meet, Facebook Posts

This week there are new tools for hosting Google Meet meetings, new security requirements for YouTube Partners, information about how Google Search and Instagram Search work, and a (criticized) report on what content is the most popular on Facebook.

Plus there are tips and updates for video creators, website owners, podcasters, and more.

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New tutorials

  • Google Meet has new safety and moderation controls that let meeting hosts control whether participants can use the in-meeting chat, share their screen, mute everyone with a single click or kick everyone out when the meeting is over. Get detailed instructions on how to do that, or watch this 60 second overview.

This week’s top updates

And more this week:

YouTube and Video

  • YouTube is updating the description text layout in the Android and iOS mobile apps. It will show a snippet of text, then a “Read more” option to expand the description.
  • Neal Mohan, YouTube’s Chief Product Officer, explains what steps they are taking to prevent the spread of misinformation. YouTube will still remove content that violates the community guidelines, including COVID-19 misinformation, but they are also increasing content with information from trusted sources. And they are also reducing the reach of videos with “harmful misinformation.” The goal is to “strike a sensible balance between freedom of speech and freedom of reach.”
  • YouTube Theater is a new 6,000 seat venue in Inglewood, California (near Los Angeles). And of course it’s designed for live streaming. YouTube plans to host concerts, esports, and other events.
  • TikTok has a new mentoring program for Latinx creators. The application deadline is September 8.
  • Vidcon 2021 has been cancelled. It was scheduled for October 22-24, and would have included both in-person and virtual content. The next Vidcont is scheduled for June 2022 in Anaheim.
  • September is “SUBtember” on Twitch, with discounted subscriptions, merch, and more. Show your favorite Twitch streamer some love.

Web Creators

  • AdSense has new options for Age Appropriate Design Code (AADC) compliance. If your site has users under the age of consent, check out this update.
  • Google explains how they generate web page titles in the Search results. They have improved how their systems add a title if the HTML title tags are not sufficient. Their advice? Focus on creating great title tags, so make sure they are not stuffed with spam and are descriptive (so not “Home”).
  • #AskGooglebot’s latest tutorial explains how to hide text from the snippet that appears in the Google Search results.

Social Media



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  1. I found out how to get here from your newsletter by clicking "Read this week’s updates on the web".

    1. Make it a big button or whatever because I'd just as soon go directly here.

  2. I'm surprised there aren't more creators in the YouTube Partner program being that millions of people go there.

    The YouTube Theater looks nice. But not so good to open it during the pandemic.

    1. I'm not that surprised about the number of users in YPP, with the current eligibility requirements.

      WRT the Theater, this seems like a bad time to launch. At least it has a good live streaming setup.


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