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Back up all your Blogger account data

Blogging takes time, effort and creativity. Make regular backups of your Blogger blog so that you will always have a copy of your creative output. 

Blogger offers a number of ways to backup your blog content: 
What I recommend is: 
  • Export all your Blogger data using Google Takeout
  • Also download a backup of posts from each of your blog's Settings
One major difference between exporting your content from your Blogger account and using Google Takeout is that the files are in a different format. 

A blog's posts, pages and comments are exported from the blog's Settings as an XML file that can be imported into a different Blogger blog or WordPress blog.

Google Takeout exports Blogger posts as an Atom feed which cannot be imported into another blog. 

However the Google Takeout archive does include content from all of the blogs in your Blogger account, including images, so it can be very useful if you maintain multiple blogs.  I recommend using both export methods.

Read on for detailed instructions

Download your blog posts, pages and comments from the blog's Settings

You can download a copy of your blog from the blog's Settings. 

This is an XML file that includes: 
  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Comments

This backup does not include images or your theme. 

To download a copy of your blog from Blogger: 

1.  Sign in to Blogger and (if you have multiple blogs) switch to the blog you want to download

2. Click Settings on the left menu

3. On the Settings page, scroll down to Manage Blog

4. Click Back up content

5. Click Download

Your blog content will immediately start downloading. 

Export a copy of your blog's theme

It is recommended you download a copy of your Theme before making any changes. Your blog's Theme can be imported into a new blog. 

Note that some gadgets may not be backed up, so you may want to back those up separately.

1. Sign in to Blogger and (if you have multiple blogs) switch to the blog you want to download

2. Click Theme on the left menu

3. On the orange Customize button click the down arrow

4. Select Backup

5. Click Download

The theme will automatically download.

Download uploaded videos

If you uploaded videos directly to your Blogger blog, you can download them from your Blogger Settings. This will not include videos uploaded to YouTube and embedded on your blog.

1. Sign in to Blogger and (if you have multiple blogs) switch to the blog you want to download

2. Click Settings on the left menu

3. Scroll down to Manage Blog

4. Click Videos from your blog

Or open to manage videos from all your blogs.

5. Click Download below the video you want to download. 

Download images from Album Archive

You can download your blog's images from your Google account's Album Archive. 

1. Sign in to Album Archive ( with the same Google account you use to sign in to Blogger.

2. Click Photos from Blogger

3. Click the blog title

4. Click the 3 dot menu icon at top right

5. Select Download album

The album of images will immediately download as a .zip file. You can open a zip file on most computers by double clicking it.  

This file may be very large, so be sure to not close your browser while it's downloading.

Download all your Blogger blog and image data in Google Takeout

Google Takeout lets you download all your blogs and images in a single archive. 

Note that the exported posts and comments cannot be imported into a new Blogger blog. 

Content included: 
  • Blog feed including posts, pages and comments, in the Atom syndication format
  • Photos in their original format
  • Album metadata including title and description
  • Photo metadata such as creation time or comments
  • Videos that you uploaded to a blog. 
  • Reactions you made to posts (this feature is now deprecated)
  • Followers (only available if you are an admin)
  • Settings
  • Profile
  • Reading list
  • Theme

How to create an archive in Google Takeout: 

1. Sign in to with the same email you use to sign in to YouTube

2. Click Deselect all,  then scroll down and select Blogger

Tip: Click the Multiple Formats button to see details about what data is included. 

3. Click Next step

4. Choose a Delivery method

Options are: 
  • Get a download link
  • Add to Google Drive (on the same account)
  • Add to Dropbox
  • Add to OneDrive
  • Add to Box
Any of those will work, but I would not recommend using Google Drive for long term storage, simply because if you lose access to your Google account you will no longer be able to access your backup.

5. Select the Frequency

Tip: You can either create a single export, or set it to export every two months for a year.

6. Select File type (.zip is the default) and Maximum file size (2GB is the default)

6. Click Create Export

Google will send an email when the archive is ready. That may take hours or even days, depending on how much content is in the archive. 

You can manage and download your archives at

Click the Download button to download the archive. It may be split into multiple archive files, so be sure to download them all. 


  1. is there any way to download an xml copy of a blogger blog? the blogger dashboard option has been broken and appears not likely to ever be fixed. i need an importable backup. that's the only real backup as the takeout method is not importable in event of disaster or need to move blog.

    1. Unfortunately the XML backup download seems to be broken at the moment. I don't know when it will be fixed.


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