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Weekly Update - August 14, 2021: Meet, YouTube, Teen Safety

It’s back to school time! With the focus on younger users, Google has announced new teen and kid safety features for YouTube and Google Search. Meet is launching a new feature that lets hosts (like teachers) add up to 25 co-hosts. Plus there are new features for creators in AdSense, Search Console, YouTube, and more.

This week’s top updates:

  • Google Meet will allow a meeting host to designate up to 25 co-hosts in a meeting. Managing participants and roles is also easier with the new option to search for a meeting participant. The co-hosting feature is limited to host accounts in certain Google Workspace editions.
  • Google Meet is also making available new host controls to everyone, including free personal accounts. These include limiting who can share their screen and who can send chat messages, muting everyone with one click, and ending the meeting for everyone. Follow this thread in the Meet Help Community to follow the progress of the roll-out.
  • Google is making changes to prevent teens from seeing inappropriate ads, and letting anyone under the age of 18 to request removal of their image from the image search results.
  • YouTube announced new protections for kids. For users age 13-17, new video uploads will default to Private. Also, “overly commercial” content will be removed from YouTube Kids.
  • Dark mode is here for YouTube Studio on the web. Check it out.




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Image: Today (August 14) is Free Comic Book Day. Head to your local comic book store to get free comics. Speech balloons by Nicole Dralle from Pixabay


  1. "The Verge reports on a study that shows 'Twitter’s photo-cropping algorithm prefers young, beautiful, and light-skinned faces.' ”
    That's why I often use younger pics of myself.

  2. I don't see how YouTube can do automatic chapters.

  3. I'm glad that I still get email notifications of your blog. I thought that feature was going away?

    1. Yes, going away soon. I'm still working out an alternative.


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