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YouTube Partner Program eligibility update: no active Community Guidelines strikes

Your YouTube channel will not be eligible to apply for the YouTube Partner Program if it has any active Community Guidelines Strikes.

Note that this new criterion only applies to active Community Guidelines strikes. 

It does not apply to: 

  • Community Guidelines warnings
  • Expired Community Guidelines strikes
  • Copyright strikes
That is in addition to the other YouTube Partner Program requirements: 

Check your YouTube channel's YPP eligibility status

You can check whether your YouTube channel is eligible for the YouTube Partner Program on your monetization settings tab in YouTube studio. 

1. Sign in to YouTube Studio (

2. Click Monetization $ on the left menu.

3. The page will show your monetization eligibility status. Green means go!

(The channel in the screenshot is good on strikes, but needs a lot more subscribers and watch hours.)

What to do if you have an active Community Guidelines strike

If one of your YouTube videos gets a Community Guidelines strike, you can either appeal (if you think it is incorrect), or wait 90 days for it to expire. 

The first Community Guidelines violation your channel receives is a Warning. The warning is permanent, but should not affect your monetization eligibility or other features. 

After that, the first strike results in a loss of features and privileges for 7 days. 
The second strike within 90 days results in a two week loss of features. 
And the third strike within 90 days will cause your channel to be terminated. 

In all cases, the Community Guidelines strike will be active for 90 days

Review the Community Guidelines carefully. If you believe YouTube got it wrong, you can appeal. 

To appeal a Community Guidelines Strike: 

1. Sign in to YouTube Studio (

2. Click the Settings gear on the left menu. 

3. Select Channel

4. Click the Feature Eligibility tab

Or just go directly to

If your channel has a Community Guidelines strike, you should see the option to appeal.

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