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YouTube revises Community Guidelines strike system - no more 90 day live streaming bans!

YouTube has introduced a simpler Community Guidelines strike system with more consistent penalties and more informative notifications.

Under the old system, a single Community Guidelines strike could cause your channel to lose live streaming privileges for 90 days, but it would take two strikes to lose the ability to upload videos, and then for only two weeks. That is confusing and always felt a bit unfair.

Update August 30, 2023: Community Guidelines warnings are no longer permanent! Learn how to remove a warning by going through policy training. There are no changes to how strikes work.

Starting February 25th, here's how the new system will work:
  • The first time your channel violates the Community Guidelines, the content will be removed, and you will get a warning. This is a one time thing - it's one warning ever.
  • After that, the first strike will result in a 7-day freeze on uploading any content to YouTube, including live streaming. You will also be unable to create or edit playlists. Strikes expire after 90 days.
  • The second strike in a 90-day period will result in a 14-day freeze on uploading content to YouTube.
  • The third strike in a 90-day period will result in your channel being terminated.
You can check your channel's status on the Status and Features page (

Note that if your account is restricted from live streaming, you are not allowed to live stream from another channel.

And if your channel is terminated, you "may be prohibited from accessing, possessing, or creating any other YouTube channels."

If you think the warning or strikes were incorrect, and you did not violate the Community Guidelines, you can submit an appeal. To help you do that, YouTube will be providing more details about which policy was violated. Note that you can only submit an appeal once for a specific video, and if your appeal is rejected, you won't be able to appeal any other Community Guidelines strikes for 60 days.

If your channel is terminated, you can also submit an appeal.

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    1. Your estimated earnings can fluctuate as AdSense removes estimated earnings due to invalid activity.

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