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Weekly Update: February 9, 2019 - YouTube, Google+, Security

Mid-February feels like the heart of winter. It’s been wet and cold even here in sunny California. And online, the sunset of consumer Google+ is finally in full swing. It’s not all gloom though, read on for updates to YouTube, Android and more.
Read on for more links, tips and updates for Plussers, webmasters and more.

Image: Thursday, February 14th is Valentine’s Day. These candy hearts are for all of you. (photo by parnote on Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain). Google has a look at love in 2019 and explains how you can avoid the heartache of Valentine’s Day planning with Google.


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  1. Respected mam,

    Madam, How many "adsense" ads we are able to show "per page and perpost" mam? I read the policies they said "Three ad units" perpage/perpost.
    But I ask to a blogger he said that A/C to New adsense policy we are able to show as many as you can.
    Is it true mam? please reply me in your leisure time...

    Thank you
    Your Admirer and Fan

    1. Hi Nikhil: the current policy is that you cannot show more ads than the content can support. For some pages that might be one ad, for other pages that might be 4 ad units. So while you can add as many as you can, that would violate policy unless you have enough content to support all those ads. See the "valuable inventory" policy for more details.

    2. No autoads showing on my 3rd newly made website its been 10 hours, why? Help

    3. Abhsinchau: auto ads only display if and when AdSense thinks it's good to put an ad. That makes it harder to troubleshoot. Check your AdSense Reports to see if your ads are actually getting impressions - it's possible other people see ads, even if you do not.

  2. Hi,

    I'm wondering if the recent changes will lead to Google finally updating the Blogger app, because it always needed room for improvement and over the last few weeks, I have had trouble publishing posts via the app - it always claims there was a "network error".

    1. Hi Comicbookrehab: the Blogger mobile app isn't currently supported, so I'm not surprised that you are seeing errors. Do send feedback to Blogger from to let Blogger know you would like to have an improved mobile app.


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