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Week in Review - May 23, 2015: Hangouts New Look, Ripples Retired, Google Search Console

Are you ready for Google I/O on May 28-29? If you can't attend in person, watch the Keynote and other sessions live. Also follow the official Google Top Contributor Program I/O Requests Collection to request I/O information and see the answers.

What's new this week? The Chrome Hangouts desktop app gets a new look and Mac support, Google+ retired Ripples, Google Maps no longer links to Google+ Local business pages, Webmaster Tools is now Google Search Console and more.

Google Top Contributor Program

  • Follow the new Google Top Contributor Program page for program updates, Top Contributor and Rising Star news, and information about meetups.



  • Google+ retires Ripples

Local Businesses

  • Links to Google+ Local business Pages removed from Google Maps and Google Search Knowledge Panel


  • Time lapses from crowd-sourced public photos


  • Hangouts Chrome app update: MacOSX users (and everyone else) try out the new version of the app!

Webmasters, Bloggers, and Search

  • Google Webmaster Tools is now Google Search Console
  • Google Webmaster Office Hours: Responsive Web Design (video)
  • Google brings real-time Twitter content to the search results
  • Advanced Blogger users and template creators: Blogger has added new conditional expressions


  • Keep your Android Phone or Tablet safe

More around the web

  • More women attending Google I/O this year than ever before
  • Unicode proposes new standard emoji for 2016 (I need the face palm emoji!)
  • Better breathing and decoration: get houseplants that clear the air!
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