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Week in Review - May 2, 2015: Free calls to Nepal, Google+ Still Not Dead, the Big Business of Fake Profiles

What was new this week? In response to the devastating earthquake in Nepal, tech companies have stepped in to provide free calls, collect donations and help people find each other - a good use for technology in terrible circumstances. Read on for this week's tips and articles for Google+, Hangouts, and more.

[painting: May Day Central Park by Maurice Prendergast (1901)]

Tech companies respond to the Nepal Earthquake

Google Top Contributor Program

  • Are you a Google Maps expert? Do you like to help people? The Google Top Contributor program is looking for you


  • Find 360-degree YouTube videos on your desktop computer or Android device
  • How To Reenable Deleted Google+ Profile-linked YouTube Channel (The Lady From UNCLE @ YouTube)


  • Google+ is now on Twitter
  • Is your Google+ Home Stream flooded with posts from "What's Hot", Communities and your Circles? Adjust your stream! 
  • Customize your Google+ Profile or Page: select which of your Google+ Communities display (Jaana Nyström)
  • Google+ isn't dead, and doesn't appear to be dying, even though it still isn't as big a social network as Facebook (Mark Traphagen @ Marketing Land)



  • AdSense Publishers: have questions? or run into a problem? Get help!

Account Security

  • Protect your Google account: install the Password Alert Chrome extension to alert you if you are on a fake Google sign-in page

21st century life

  • Creating real-looking (but fake) profile, and selling Likes, YouTube views and other social media "boosts" is big business - and can hurt small businesses and the foundation of social media
  • Life on the Suggested User List : Anil Dash on being Twitter famous
  • How old do I look? A new Microsoft tool.
  • Glimpses into the invisible world
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