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Week in Review - May 30, 2015: Google I/O, Google Photos, Android M

This week I/O 2015 - Google's annual developer conference - had plenty of sweet treats. The big news? The new stand-alone Google Photos and Android M. And there are loads more updates and tips for Google account management, Google+, Hangouts, YouTube, Blogger, AdSense and more.

I/O Overview

New! Google Photos

More for Photographers

  • Look around you! 360 degree photo spheres + audio = Story Spheres
  • "It’s easy to find hugely popular content of dubious quality. But it’s much harder to find unpopular content of high quality. CrowdBeauty can help"
  • Download GIMP photo editing software from the developer's site, rather than SourceForge


  • Google+ is still not dead, but will change (an interview with Bradley Horowitz) 
  • How to reshare your Google+ posts to Collections
  • Business owners: have competitors, prankster or uploaded inappropriate photos to your Google+ Local Page and Google Maps listing? Report to Google Business support or through Google Maps 


  • Capture the world in 360 degrees: immersive YouTube 360-degree videos are available on Android or iOS devices, and viewable with Google Cardboard
  • YouTubers: having a problem viewing the most recent comments on your Community Comments page? Use a workaround until it's fixed (note: as of May 29 this appears to be fixed, but the alternative comment viewing methods are still useful to know)


  • Your Blogger content is forever ... with limitations
  • Having trouble publishing to Blogger from Windows Live Writer or other blogging software? Contact the app developer and let them know this is an issue  (Blogger is working with Microsoft to update Live Writer, but less popular blogging apps may be on their own)


  • Add stickers to Hangouts chat on the desktop


  • AdSense Publishers: these are the basics of AdSense policy

Productivity Apps 


  • Minor updates to your Google sign-in experience (Gmail forum)
  • Google's My Account pages updated to make it easier to manage your settings and account details
  • Introducing the Google Identity Platform (Google Developers blog)

Android and Nexus

  • Android M Developer Preview (Android Developers blog)
  • Selling your old Android phone? A factory reset isn't enough to prevent your personal data from being accessed
  • Google Spotlight Stories: immersive mobile story-telling

And more

  • Does the font affect your opinion of what you read? Probably!
  • Twitter's 140 character limit cramping your style? Blame Friedhelm Hillebrand
  • It was a dumb thing, but put a chip in it and now it's a smart thing!
  • Astronaut +Samantha Cristoforetti knows where her towel is!

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