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How to send feedback to YouTube

Do you hate the latest YouTube channel design? Have an idea for a new feature? Spot a bug?

The best way to let YouTube know is to use the official Send Feedback option at the bottom of every page on

Update: How to send feedback using the new YouTube channel layout

1. Start on the YouTube page where you are experiencing trouble or would like to provide a suggestion

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the Send Feedback link

3. A box will pop up where you can describe the issue. You can also highlight sections of the page to include in a screenshot.

Your feedback will be read, even though YouTube doesn't usually respond.

A few tips for sending effective feedback:
  • The Send Feedback form is not a way to ask for assistance with your account or using YouTube. If you have a questions or need some help, please check the YouTube Help Center, which offers troubleshooters and contact forms for many issues. You can also post your question in the official YouTube help forum.
  • Be as specific as you can about what you don't like or want to change. If you hate something, explain why. If you think something sucks, tell YouTube why it sucks, ideally without abuse or profanity.
  • If you would like to provide feedback on multiple features or problems, submit a new feedback report for each of them. 


  1. Thank you for taking the trouble to prepare this useful guide. However, I am sorry to say I have been sending Feedback to YouTube both directly and on forums ever since it was possible to do so, and I can guarantee that absolutely no-one from the company reads it. Misfeatures are still there, e.g. 'comment ghosting' and AutoPlay starting playback automatically regardless of whether it is switched OFF or ON, formatting errors in comment fields and more. It is clear that because Google have made their money, the don't care about anyone except for the big advertisers. The forums and the Feedback feature are there merely to make people believe that someone cares. Eventually, you give up and work around this broken product.

    1. Hi Derek: YouTube and Google do read the feedback you submit. That does not mean they will make the changes you suggest though.

      For example "comment ghosting" appears to me to work the way it's designed for comments held for moderation or marked as spam. The channel owner can make comments visible if they choose.

    2. There is nothing whatsoever in my researched and on-topic commentary in reply that warrants it being invisified so only I can see it. Moreover, Google do not inform you that you have been shadow-banned, or why. I think it's disgraceful. Worse still, is the fact that abusive, defamatory, racist, violent, misogynist, anti-semitic, homophobic posts are allowed to remain in place, whereas my challenges to them are invisified instantly. That can only lead to one conclusion, that the content of such posts represents the position of the Google company itself.

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  4. Why do youtube put up videos that you want too watch and press play and age restriction comes up and age restriction turned off


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