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Blogger Update: mobile-friendly Post, Layout, and Theme pages

In September new mobile-friendly Blogger account pages launched in Blogger in Draft. Now, in addition to Comments and Stats pages, there are mobile-friendly versions of the Posts, Pages, Layout, Theme, and Reading List pages.
Read on for a tour of the new mobile-friendly Blogger account pages.
Give it a try and send your feedback to the Blogger team. You can always switch back to Classic Blogger.

Still not mobile-friendly: Settings, Earnings, Theme Designer and the Post Editor. While that's not idea, if you have an Android phone, you can use the Blogger app for basic post creation and editing. There should be more updates in 2020.

Posts (and Pages)

List View
Grid View
The new Blogger Posts and Pages tabs have more white space than the classic interface, and the navigation is a bit different.

Notably missing is the number of post views. You can see those numbers on the redesigned Stats page.

You can choose to view as a List or as a Grid of cards.

Click the icon at top middle to switch between views.

Filter and Sort Posts: Post Type

Click All to switch to viewing only Published, Draft,  or Scheduled posts.

Filter and Sort Posts: Filter by Label

Click the Label icon to filter posts by Label.

Filter and Sort Posts: Sort Order

Click the Sort icon at top right to change the order of posts.
  • Published date order (or reversed)
  • Updated date order (or reversed)
  • Created date order (or reversed)

Search for Posts

Use the Search bar at the top of the page to find specific posts. You can use advanced search operators to refine your search, including status, author, title, words in the post, label, or by time period. 

If there are searches you run regularly, bookmark the search results page to return to it in the future. 

Create a new post

To create a new blog post, click the orange + button at bottom right. That will open the post editor where you can write up your new post as usual. The post editor is not currently mobile-friendly.

Navigate the Posts List

Click the Post Title to open a published post or see a preview of a scheduled or draft post.

The publication date and time is under the title.
Scheduled posts have a clock icon (next to the scheduled publication date and time), and Draft posts have a page icon.
Post Labels are shown in orange, to the right of the date.
The Author name and profile photo is shown at top right.
The number of comments is shown, but is not clickable.
Click the pencil icon to Edit your post.
Click the 3 dot icon for more options.
  • Delete post
  • View the post
  • Apply Label
  • Unpublish (previously "Revert to draft") or Publish (for draft posts)
If you view the post list on a mobile device, there is also a Share button on Published posts, which opens your device's sharing options.
To share a post on desktop, you need to click the 3 dot icon > View Post and then copy the post URL from your browser's address bar. (That's something I think needs improvement)

Bulk Post Management

Click the top left or multiple post listings (or post cards) to select and edit posts in bulk. You can select all by clicking the box at top right.

An orange bar at the top of the page will appear.
You can take the following actions when multiple posts are selected:

  • Apply Labels
  • Publish Posts
  • Revert Posts to Draft
  • Delete Posts
Use with caution!


The new Layout page now has buttons at the bottom right:
  • Clear changes
  • Preview the Layout
  • Save changes
Note :old Classic Themes are not supported. 


Click the orange Customize button to to open the (still Classic) Theme Editor to customize your current Theme.  

Scroll down to select a new Theme for your blog. 
You can find more options by clicking the 3 dot button to the right of your current theme. 
  • Backup
  • Restore (import a blog)
  • Switch to first generation Classic theme 
  • Edit HTML 
If you are not using a newer responsive theme, you will also see the option to change the Mobile Settings.
You can select the theme for your blog when viewed on a mobile device. The default is to match the desktop theme. Plus there is a QR code you can share that links to your blog.  (These aren't new settings).

Reading List

Did you know that Blogger has a basic feed reader? Blogs are added to the Reading List if you "Follow" them using the blog's Follower gadget or you can add blogs manually. Note that it's not limited to Blogger blogs - any blog with a feed can be added to your Reading List.

How to Try the new Blogger interface

It's easy to switch between the new and classic interfaces after opting in to Blogger in Draft.

1. Switch to Blogger in Draft in your blog's Settings > User Settings
2. Make sure you are signed in to Blogger at (rather than
3. Click the orange Try the new Blogger button at the bottom of the left menu.

You can always switch back to the old Blogger interface by clicking the Back to Classic Blogger link on the left menu.

Be sure to send your feedback, bug reports and feature requests to the Blogger team.  You can do that by clicking Help & Feedback on the left menu, then selecting Send Feedback. 

Previously: Try out the new mobile-friendly Blogger (Comments & Stats)!


  1. Two things about Posts (and pages) I would not have thought if you just described the changes to me:

    1) I really miss seeing those views. They show me at a glance the instantaneous impact of a tweet or other promotion. Stats does not do that—I have to poke around.

    2) Those spiffy mini thumbnails (in list view) are a useless distraction. Pretty, yes, but they make it harder to work on that page. And they are too small to be useful in IDing the posts.

    I'm on desktop of course.

    1. I really miss the views. There isn't any way to easily view that in Stats or Google Analytics. I have some popular older posts, that always dominate the recent views lists, so it makes it hard to find the stats for recently published posts only.

      I'm ok with the mini thumbs - they work if your images are very different from post to post.

    2. Well of course mine tend to be round and red. (Or sometimes yellow or green). PS Hope you will leave feedback on the views, I have.

    3. I have submitted feedback. I hope other folks reading this will do so as well.

  2. Replies
    1. Blogger has been modifying the Posts page. I'm no longer seeing the option to sort. If you would like that option, please do submit feedback to Blogger directly, using the ? icon at the top of the page.

    2. There's "sort" option built into the search bar, but it is devilish fussy to use.

      Feedback is the thing to do!

  3. How would you go about customizing the default mobile view? As the mobile template linked to and I guess is actually the classic as shown in this bit of code
    script expr:src='data:blog.dynamicViewsScriptSrc + "/js/classic.js"' type='text/javascript'
    or at least creating a similar mobile layout of article snippets instead of having the whole article show on mobile as it does when I set the mobile options to custom.

  4. There is no option on my dashboard for me to select - Try new blogger. Can I upload it from some place?

    1. Hi JosieG: Everyone has the new Blogger now, so you don't need to change any settings.

  5. Replies
    1. Yes. You can remove the Attribution Widget from your theme's layout by editing the theme HTML to unlock the widget, then editing the Layout.


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