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Verify your Blogger blog in Google Search Console

Use URL prefix option to enter blog URL

If you have a Blogger blog, you can easily verify your blog in Google Search Console with just a few clicks. The Google Webmasters has made a video showing how you can do that as part of their new Google Search Console training series. 

I've also written up the step-by-step instructions below. 

Google Search Console is a useful tool to monitor and manage how your website or blog appears in the Google Search results.
You will also need to verify your website or blog in Search Console to link to it from your YouTube video Cards and End Screens.

Verify your Blogger Blog in Google Search Console

New Blogger blogs should be added and verified automatically in your Search Console account. However, if your blog isn't automatically added, you can easily verify your Blogger blog in Search Console.

If you are using Google Sites, Google Domains, or have any other sort of site, the Google Webmasters help center has instructions for Search Console verification.

Here's how to verify your Blogger blog in Search Console:

1. Sign in to Google Search Console ( with the same Google account email you use to sign in to Blogger.
Click the search property at top left, then click Add Property
2. At top left click the current Search Property. 

If your Blogger blog is already verified and on the list, just click the blog name to see the data. You shouldn't need to do anything else. If your blog is not listed there, go on to step 3.

3. Click + Add Property
Select URL prefix and enter your blog URL

4. Select URL Prefix,  enter your blog URL, and click Continue
Ownership auto verified
5. Verification should be immediate, and you should see an Auto Verification confirmation

Search Console starts collecting data as soon as your blog is verified.

Note that "older Blogger blogs" are not automatically verified, but can be verified using the HTML tag method. While Google Webmasters does not define an "older blog", I would guess it's blogs using the very old "Classic" theme.


  1. very nice.. I'll do now!

  2. thanks it was excellent and very easily explained

  3. You have written great article, bet can we do same thing for wordpress blog and HTML Website.

  4. Mine keeps displaying Invalide site map

    1. You may want to post a question in the Search Console help community to see if the experts there can help you sort out why you are getting an error.


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