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Plan your 2020 content around events and holidays

One way to make your content timely and interesting is to build it around events and holidays, big and small. Audiences are international, so it can be helpful to know about holidays worldwide. And, depending on your audience, it's also worth considering niche and internet-based events (like National Bird Day or Talk Like a Pirate Day).

The important thing is to plan your holiday-related content far enough in advance that you have time to write a blog post or shoot a video that your audience will find interesting and entertaining.

YouTube, for example, suggests creating content around "tent-pole events", with some specific suggestions for health and fitness channels, beauty channels, and food channels. And they suggest creating a programming calendar and generating buzz for your event-related videos.

And AdSense suggests that you can combat the usual post-December-holiday drop in traffic and earnings by focusing on other seasonal peaks, from Lunar New Year (January 25th) to Ramadan (April 23).

I'm thinking about it, because one of my goals for 2020 is to create more content in advance, to make it easier to post more frequently.

While you could compile your own list of holidays and events there are a number of free calendars you can use. They are aimed at marketers and social media managers, which are two of the hats creators wear when they promote their own content and run their own social media accounts.

These calendars overlap, but as they are in different formats and have different emphases. It's worth at least taking a peek at all of them.
It's also worth finding calendars related to your specific niche, from geek holidays to entertainment-related awards to fashion events to cat-related holidays. And Wikipedia has an article for happenings every month of the year (for example, January).

January 2020 Events and Holidays

Here's a sample of what's happening in January.
Feel inspired? 

Image: Calendar by tigerlily713 on Pixabay (Free for commercial use)