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The Blogger Android app gets a much-needed update

Google is rolling out an updated version of the Blogger Android app, with a fresh new look. The app is still pretty simple, but it runs smoothly without crashing.
That may seem like a low bar for excitement, but the last version was released in early 2016, which is a long time in mobile app years. That old version would crash repeatedly on my phone running Android 10.  So besides the shiny interface changes, it's been updated under the hood.  "What's New" in the Google Play Store listing just says "minor bug fixes", which doesn't really convey the update.
The app is still very basic, designed to let you post, edit, save, and view blog posts. Blogger is also testing out a new mobile-friendly design for, but that is not yet available for the post editor, so the mobile app will make it much easier to post from your phone.

The app works on devices running Android 5.0 or higher. You must have an existing blog created at before you can use the app.

Once you have installed the Blogger app from the Google Play Store, here's what you can do:
  • Create and publish new posts with multiple images
  • Save a post as a draft to post later
  • Share a link to a post using Android Share
  • Open a blog or post in a browser
If you have more than one blog, or more than one Blogger account, you can switch between blogs and accounts in the app. 

What you cannot do:
  • Create a new blog
  • Create Pages (rather than Posts)
  • Change the theme or layout
  • Manage comments
  • Change your settings
  • View your blog’s stats
To view your blog's Stats or manage comments on your phone, try out the new mobile-friendly Blogger design.

Be sure to send feedback from inside the app to let Blogger know what features you would like to have available.

As a side note, I don't know why Blogger chose an old-fashioned typewriter image for the app splash screen, but I like it. It gives me the feeling that a blog is for more substantial content than a dashed-off social media post.

Read on to learn how to create and edit posts in the updated Blogger Android app.

Create or edit a blog post in the Blogger mobile app

1. Sign in to the Blogger Android app with the Google account you use for Blogger.
Switch between blogs by tapping the blog title at top left. 

2. Tap the circle with a pencil icon at bottom right

3. That opens the Create post editor, where you enter your post Title and Labels
4. Tap Start creating your post...  to open the post text editor, where you can enter the text of your post and images.

5. Format your post text using the Bold, Italic, and Underline icons at bottom of the screen.
6. Insert images by tapping the Camera icon to take a photo or video or the Image icon to select images on your device.
7. When your post text is complete (or you are ready to save a draft), tap the check mark at top right of the post text editor.
8. That returns you to the Create Post editor screen.  

Tap the Publish button at top right to publish your post.

Tap the 3 dot menu icon at top right for the option to Save Draft or Discard the post.

Edit or Delete Posts in the Blogger Mobile App

You can also edit published or draft posts, revert published posts to draft, delete posts and view your published posts from the app. 

1. Sign in to the Blogger Android app with the Google account you use for Blogger.
Switch between blogs by tapping the blog title at top left. 

2. Switch from the Published tab to the Draft tab at top to find your post.

3. Tap the post you want to edit or delete.

4. To Edit the post, tap the current post text to open the post editor and update the post content.  

5. To View Post, Revert to draft,  or Delete post tap the 3 dot menu at top right and select the action you want to take.

6. Publish draft posts by tapping the publish button.

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  1. Nice to see it finally get a retouch. I'd prefer if they included basic Wordpress options like blockquotes, maybe even direct HTML editing. And I wonder if they have any plans to release the app for iOS again. Guess we'll find out.

    1. Hopefully now that the app is updated so that it runs properly, they can start adding new features. Do send feedback to Blogger to let them know which features you would like to see (which you can do from your Blogger account on desktop too).

  2. Do I understand correctly there's no way of creating links in the post editor of this new version of the app?

    1. That is correct, there isn't any link editor. It's just offers basic text formatting.

  3. Thank you Peggy! I'm breathing a sigh of relief to hear this news :-) Google isn't abandoning Blogger - yay! I still don't plan to use the app though - at least not till it has a link editor. In a pinch I compose an email on my phone and send it to the Blog's special posting email address.

    1. Chris, be sure to check the BlogIt!, its post editor is more advanced and supports links.

  4. its need more improvement there is hyperlink and blog status missing, i have write this article in indian Hindi language hope you like this Blogger android app Updated in Hindi


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