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G Suite accounts no longer able to set separate Gmail profile picture

If you have a work or school Google account, the option to set a different profile photo for Gmail is being removed. You can choose to use your Gmail profile photo, current Google profile photo, or upload a new profile photo in your account's "About Me" settings.

By default, Gmail uses your Google account profile photo. G Suite accounts for work or school also had the option to use a different profile photo for Gmail than the rest of their Google account.
These Gmail "My Picture" settings are going away.

Note that if you have a consumer Google account with a email address, Gmail is already using your Google account picture.

Update August 27, 2020: users with two separate profile photos were migrated to a single photo, your Google Account photo. You can find all previous profile photos in your Album Archive.

Select a Profile Photo for your G Suite Google Account

You can set a profile photo in your Google account's About Me settings. Note that this profile photo is used across Google services including your Gmail picture, YouTube channel icon, and profile image for Hangouts, Chat and Meet.

1. Sign in to Google and open About Me (

2. If you have different profile photo set for Gmail, you will see a notice that you need to Choose Picture for your account.
"You have multiple profile pictures. Choose a single picture to help people recognize you."

3. Click Choose Picture

4. A box will pop up with your profile photo choices.
Options you may choose from:
  • Use your Google profile picture
  • Use your Gmail picture
  • Don't use a profile picture: people will see a circle with your first name's first initial. 
  • Pick a new picture
If you have a Gmail profile photo, but not a Google account profile photo, you may see the option to "Convert gmail photo to Google account profile photo."

5. Click Continue

6. When the process is complete, you will see a confirmation popup at bottom left.
"Profile picture updated. It will take some time for changes to appear everywhere."

What happens if you don't update your photo? 

According to Google:
Note that users who do not visit their "About me" settings will not be prompted to select a single profile picture and will continue to have different profile pictures.
However, there will no longer be an option to change the profile photo in Gmail. Any changes will need to be made in the About Me settings, and will apply to the entire Google account.
The Gmail My Picture settings will direct you to the About Me page.

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More information for G Suite administrators: