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Weekly Update - October 12, 2019: Maps, Feedburner, Search Console

It was relatively quiet this week, with a few announcements for Google Maps, YouTube, Webmaster Search Console, Feedburner, small business owners, and more. For Google, it’s the calm before their annual hardware showcase event next Tuesday. 

As some of you may know, I live in Northern California, which this week had widespread planned power outages to prevent sparking wildfires in the windy dry weather. Fortunately, my lights didn’t go out (even though my neighbors’ did), but even so I spent a fair amount of time preparing for what could have been several days without electricity. It was sobering to realize how poorly prepared we, local governments, and PG&E - all of us - were. The next time (and there’s sure to be a next time) will hopefully be less disruptive.
Read on for more news, updates and tips for webmasters, business owners, Android owners and more.

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Image: Monday is Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples’ Day, which is a holiday in some US States. Image is detail of map of the islet of Guanahani (in present-day Bahamas), site of Columbus’ first landing in the New World. The map was published in Mallet’s world atlas in 1685.


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