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Remove the Follow by Email gadget from your Blogger blog

FeedBurner will be shutting off its RSS feed to email service in July. This service powers Blogger's Follow by Email gadget which will also stop working.

If you want to stop people from continuing to sign up to receive your blog posts by email via FeedBurner, you can remove or hide the gadget from your blog's Layout, or hide the gadget in the Theme Designer.

Note that you will not be able to reactivate or add back the gadget once it is deactivated.

You will be able to download your blog's email subscriber list from your FeedBurner account even after you have removed the Follow by Email Gadget.

When (and if) you choose a new email service you can add a link or subscribe button by adding the code to a HTML/Javascript gadget. 

Remove the "Follow By Email" gadget in your blog's Layout

1. Sign in to your Blogger account ( and make sure you are viewing the correct blog.

You can switch blogs by clicking the blog name at top left.

2. Click Layout on the left menu

3. Find the Follow by Email gadget and click "Edit" or the pencil icon to open the settings.

4. If the gadget has the option to Remove the gadget, select that and then save the updated Layout.

If the gadget does not have the option to Remove the gadget, it should have the option to disable Show this widget by toggling the switch (Green is enabled). 

5. Save the updated Layout when you are done making changes.

Hide the Follow By Email gadget in the Theme Designer

The modern Blogger themes (Contempo, Emporio, Soho and Notable) also have the option to hide some gadgets in the Theme Designer.  

1. Sign into Blogger ( and make sure you are viewing the correct blog. 

2. Click Theme on the left menu. 

3. Click the orange Customize button to open the Theme Designer.

4. On the Theme Designer page click Gadgets on the left sidebar. 
5. Select the Follow by Email gadget. 

Click the current gadget to select a different gadget.

6. Toggle off the option to Show Follow by Email  (green is enabled). 
This is the same as the toggle switch you can access in the gadget settings in your blog's Layout.

7. Click the Save icon at bottom right to save the changes. 


  1. Ahhh you've just saved me from going insane! Since that FeedBurner announcement, I've been looking for ways to remove the gadget as my design didn't have Option #4. Thanks to you, I learned that I can turn it off via the Theme Designer. Thanks again!

  2. Thank you!! This was driving me crazy because the "save" option in the Layout option was not activated. I could now turn it off via the Theme Designer. Thank you so much!

  3. Again - thanks, Peggy. This also worked to remove my header banner. Better to have the minimal, text only, banner for readers on mobile.

    1. Yes, it's good to make your theme mobile-friendly. Mine could use some adjusting.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.


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