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New Blogger is coming soon - try it now!

Blogger announced that the new account interface will be the default for many users by late June. Currently new Blogger users are defaulted to the new interface. And by late July you will no longer be able to revert back to classic Blogger.

Update August 7, 2020: Blogger now shows a notice that the legacy interface will only be available until September 1 (previously August 24). Be sure to send feedback!
The new Blogger interface has a mobile-friendly responsive layout, new look, and has features that make it easier to manage your blog's content, comments, stats and settings. The first bits and pieces of the new interface were launched last September.

For now you can still switch between new Blogger and classic Blogger. 

Click the big orange Try the new Blogger button at the bottom of the left menu to try the new interface.

If you want to switch back to the old interface, click the Return to Classic Blogger link. 
And let the Blogger team know what you think! Click the ? icon at the top of the page and select the Send Feedback option. A screenshot will be included with your feedback. 

What's new

Take a quick tour of the new Blogger.

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  1. I've been enjoying it. Hope it continues to mature, as it still feels a bit rough around the edges in some parts. But it is good.

    1. It's still under development. And Blogger is listening to feedback, so be sure to let them know what you think could use some refining.

  2. I was surprised by this update. Blogger now has total Material Design applied. It looks really simple and clean. Then I tried it on my Android phone in the Chrome browser and the UI/UX was the same! Nice work.
    Some of the classic themes do not appear to employ Responsive Design like the newer themes.
    While I'm sticking to WordPress, I'm attracted to Blogger's super simplicity. I'm surprised yet glad to see Google is still keeping Blogger alive and kicking.

    1. Yes, it's great that Blogger has been getting some love - not just the new UI, but also the Android app.

  3. i prefer the classic view, the new one is kinda complicating with firefox.


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