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Weekly Update - May 16, 2020: YouTube monetization, Google Play Music, Google Meet

Are you tired of video meetings yet? This week you can start or join a Google Meet meeting in Gmail, easily find Zooms new security features, or video chat with friends in your favorite Discord Server or Facebook Room.

Plus you can finally move your music and playlists from Google Play Music to YouTube Music, YouTube shows when your video is being “checked” for ad suitability, plus updates for live streamers, businesses owners and more. 

YouTube Updates  

Video Conferencing

Live Streaming



Happening This Week

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Image: Today is Love a Tree Day. Walk in the woods, visit a park, or just hug a tree in your backyard. Photo: forest path by me, all rights reserved.


  1. Youtube monetization now thats a hot topic thats been going on for a while for different reasons lol.


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