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YouTube Monetization Update: new "checking" icon

YouTube has added a new "checking" icon that shows when your video's advertiser-friendliness hasn't been determined yet. Once you see the green "On" monetization icon your video will start showing ads. 

Previously you might see the monetization icon flip back and forth between the green "on" icon and yellow "limited ads" icon while in this state.

Ads are not shown during the "checking" process, so YouTube recommends that your video initially be set to Private or Unlisted. Once you see the green dollar sign icon, you can then make your video Public.

Checking usually takes less than 20 minutes, and YouTube says it should take one hour at most. 

But a word of caution. YouTube also states
A video's classification may change in the first 24-48 hours of upload. It generally stabilizes after 48 hours, but bear in mind that it can change again based on how viewers engage with your video.
So you may want to wait a day or so to make sure that it will show ads when it's made public.

Upload and Monetize a YouTube Video

1. On your computer, upload your video (

2. Add a title and description, enable ads, and go through the monetization self-certification process.   

3. YouTube recommends setting your video's visibility to Private or Unlisted.  Only make the video public when you see the green $ that shows it's advertiser friendly and ads are on.  

4. On your YouTube channel's video page, you will see if the monetization status is "Checking", "On", "Limited" or "Ineligible". 

5. If YouTube's systems decide your video will have limited ads, but you think that's incorrect, you can request a human review

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