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Meet video calling will be available free in all Google accounts

Today Google announced that the Meet video calling platform is being made available to anyone with a Google account. 

Meet was designed for secure meetings and is used by businesses and schools around the world. Usership is growing by leaps and bounds -- currently there are about 3 million new users every day, and peak usage is up 30-fold since January. And in response to user feedback Meet has added a number of new features over the past few weeks. 

Up until now, Meet has only been available to G Suite customers. Now individual users with a Google account will be able to host meetings in Meet and access many of the features available to businesses and schools. If you have a email account, YouTube channel, Blogger blog, or Google Photo albums you have a Google account that's ready to go.

Here is how Meet features for individual accounts compare to classic Hangout video calls. 
 Feature   Hangouts Video Calls Meet
(Individual accounts)
(G Suite accounts)
Apple App Store
Google Play Store
Apple App Store
Google Play Store
Apple App Store
Google Play Store
Technical Requirements System and browser requirements System, browser, network requirementsSystem, browser, network requirements 
Account requirementGoogle account required for all participantsGoogle account required for all participantsG Suite account required for host, no account required for invited participants
Maximum participants10100100-250 depending on G Suite edition
(250 for all customers through Sept. 30, 2020)
 Time limit     None     60 minutes 
(Will not be enforced through Sept. 30, 2020)

Other Meet features include:
Individual users will not have access to premium Meet features like dial-in phone numbers, recording or live streaming.

Meet is rolling out to personal accounts "over the coming weeks".  You can sign up here to be notified when it's available on your account, or you can check

Update May 12, 2020: Meet is now available to everyone with a Google account. You can start a Meet meeting at or in your Gmail account, and you can add Meet conferencing to your Google Calendar event.

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