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YouTube Smart Replies to Comments

YouTube smart replies let you easily respond to comments. This week this option is rolling out to all English speaking channels. 

The smart replies are similar to those you see in Gmail, Messages, and some other Google products. According to Creator Insider, the smart replies are based on the most commonly used creator replies across YouTube. 

If this is enabled for your YouTube channel, you will see a notice on your channel's comment management page.

1. Sign in to YouTube on a desktop computer.

2. Click your channel icon at top right, and select YouTube Studio ( from the menu

3. In YouTube Studio, click Comments on the left menu

4. On the Comments page you can filter comments to see comments without replies, comments with questions, or comments from subscribers.

5. Smart replies will show under a comment. Click the reply you want to use.
6. Edit the text, if you wish
7. Click reply to post the comment

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