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Google Publisher Toolbar with AdSense data will stop working in May

Beginning in May, the Google Publisher Toolbar will no longer support Google AdSense and the Toolbar will no longer function.

The AdSense Publisher Toolbar Chrome extension launched in January 2012 as a tool to let you see your earnings and view how specific ad units on your website or blog are performing. Later renamed the Google Publisher Toolbar, it eventually let you block specific advertisers, test click ads without penalty, and view data from Google Analytics, Ad Exchange and DoubleClick for Publishers (now Google Ad Manager). It does not show data from your YouTube channel.

If you use the Publisher Toolbar, you should have seen the banner notice announcing that "Beginning May 2020, Google Publisher Toolbar is sunsetting support for Google AdSense, after which the Toolbar will no longer function."

AdSense has explained that this change is part of their "mission to reduce complexity and provide an enhanced yet simplified set of tools to help you focus on creating great content."  Also part of this mission is the discontinuation of the AdSense mobile apps in favor of the mobile web.

It also seems to be part of a larger move at Google away from developing (and maintaining) extensions. The separate Google Analytics extension was deprecated in 2017.

You can find the data displayed by the Publisher Toolbar in your AdSense account instead:
The AdSense Homepage is mobile friendly and is an easy way to get an overview of your ad performance. 

I think the bigger loss is using the Toolbar to see and block ads that appear on your site. The Toolbar let you easily see how a specific ad was performing on a page before you chose to block the advertiser.