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AdSense COVID-19-related changes: delayed site reviews, payment issues

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Google has made a number of changes to reduce the need for their workforce to physically come in to their offices. And businesses around the world are closed or providing limited services. 
AdSense is no exception. You should see a notification in your AdSense account about how COVID-19 is affecting partners and publishers.  On the one hand, it's reassuring. Google has strong infrastructure and they make clear that payments will be issued as usual. 

But the message also notes "there may be some temporary limitations and delays in support". 

What this means for AdSense Publishers: 
If you have questions, check out the AdSense Help Center or post a question in the official AdSense Help Community.  YouTube Partners can contact YouTube Creator Support for assistance with AdSense.

Read on for details on how these changes may affect you as an AdSense Publisher. If you are a YouTube Partner learn how COVID-19-related changes to monetization and content recommendations may affect your channel.

Site reviews may be temporarily unavailable in your account

If you want to start displaying AdSense ads on a new website, you need to add the site to your AdSense account's Sites list. AdSense verifies that you are the site owner, and that your site complies with the AdSense Program Policies. That process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.
AdSense is warning that review of new sites may not be currently available in your AdSense account.
Due to coronavirus (COVID-19), we are restructuring our site review teams. Because of this new site approvals on your account might be temporarily unavailable. We appreciate your patience and support. We are working around the clock to solve these challenges and will update this message as the situation changes.
If you see this notice when you add a new Site to your AdSense account, there isn't anything you can do. 

I recommend you continue to add original content that complies with the AdSense Program Policies to your website so that it's ready when site reviews are available.

Coronavirus-related AdSense Address Verification (PIN) Issues

To be paid by AdSense, you must first verify that the address in your AdSense account is correct. To do that, AdSense mails a postcard with a PIN on it. You must enter the PIN within 4 months, or ads will stop displaying on your website or YouTube channel.  

Due to COVID-19, your PIN may be delayed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience.
If you have not received your PIN by mail: 

Coronavirus-related AdSense Payment Issues: Western Union closures, check delivery

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, some Western Union offices are closed, and check delivery may be delayed in some countries. EFT payments should not be affected.
If you receive AdSense payments by Western Union, your local Western Union office may be closed. AdSense has the following statement in the help center
Due to coronavirus (COVID-19), some Western Union offices might be closed in your region. Please refer to the Agent Locator which is updated daily and is the most reliable tool to find Western Union offices available for payout in your country of residence. As a response to COVID-19, Western Union has launched a COVID-19 site to provide customers with the latest information regarding their services globally.

However, if you experience any difficulty picking up your payments during this period, we would recommend that you change your form of payment to bank transfer (Electronic Funds Transfer or wire transfer if applicable) to avoid payment disruption in the future.
If you do not pick up your payment from Western Union within 60 days, your earnings will be returned to your AdSense account, and your payments will be placed on hold.

In countries where AdSense payments are made by mailed check, disruptions to mail delivery may cause your payment to be delayed. If you have not received your check after 60 days, you can request the payment be reissued.

If you receive AdSense payments by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), directly into your bank account, your payments should not be affected. 

Set up EFT or Wire Transfer payments in your AdSense account

1. Sign in to AdSense (

2. Click Payments on the left menu

3. On the How you get paid card click Manage payment methods

4.  Click Add payment method 

5. If there is an option to use EFT or Wire Transfer, select that.
Note:  different countries have different payment options. EFT and Wire Transfer may not be available in your account. 

6. Enter your bank account information.
See the instructions for the information you need to enter for wire transfer or EFT.

7. Click Save

For EFT payments, you will have to verify a small test deposit to your bank account.


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    1. You can set up a custom ads.txt file in your Blogger Settings. That's the easiest way to do that.


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