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Customize your Blogger Profile

It just takes a few minutes to add a profile photo and customize your public Blogger profile to let your readers learn a bit more about you and your interests.

When you create a Blogger Profile the only information you are required to enter is your display name.

You have the option of creating adding a profile photo, and setting up public profile that will be linked from the posts you author, your comments on Blogger blogs and the Blogger Profile gadget on your blog's Layout.
Profile gadget.

Profile photo, name, link to profile on posted comment.

Your Blogger profile is linked to all the blogs in your Blogger account. If you want to blog under more than one identity, you can create a new Blogger account on a different Google account.

If you have already set up your Blogger profile, learn how to add a Profile gadget to your blog's layout.

Note that if you haven't switched from a Google+ Profile to a Blogger Profile yet, jump to the end to learn how to switch.

Watch the video for a quick tutorial:
 Or read on for detailed instructions.

Configure your Blogger Profile

Once you have set up a Blogger Profile, you can add a profile photo and personal details, and choose whether your profile is visible to others. 

1. Open your Blogger Settings > User Settings and next to your User Profile click Edit

That will open your Blogger profile settings in a new tab.
Or you can go directly to

2. Edit your Privacy Settings

  • Share your profile enables your profile to be seen when someone clicks your name as author of a blog post or a comment on another Blogger Blog
  • Show my email address enables others to see your email address on your profile.
  • Show my blogs lets you select which blogs will display on your profile. Be sure to click Save Settings after selecting your blogs.
  • Show sites I follow  lets you enable others to see which other Blogger blogs you follow (learn about following blogs) 
3. Edit your Identity 
  • Username  is your Google Account email username. You cannot change that from these settings.
  • Email Address  if you display a contact email address, enter it here. I can be any email.
  • Display name lets you change your Blogger display name for posts you author and comments
4. Add or change your Profile Photo

You can upload an image from your computer, or you can link to an image online. 
Note that if you link to an image, it has to be a link to the image itself, not the page the image is on. 

Google Photos does not offer any easy way to link to a specific image, so it's easiest to download the image to your computer, then re-upload it.

If you want to change your profile photo click Remove Photo

5. Add more personal details and General  information

  • Audio Clip lets you link to an audio file online
  • Gender lets you set Female, Male or Not Specified
  • Homepage URL  lets you share a link to your main website or social media profile
  • Wishlist URL lets you link to a wishlist on or other service. Note that "Create a wishlist" links to which now Google Shopping, and no longer has a wishlist option.
  • IM Username lets you share your instant messaging username. The list of services you can select from (Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Google Talk) show long it's been since these options were updated. 
6. Add your Location, Work, Interests and other information.

Location, Work, and your interests will be clickable on your profile and show a list of other Blogger users with the same information. (Profile search and clickable interests was removed in March 2021) 

Be sure to click Save Profile when you are done!

You will see a link to View your Profile.  Check it out and see what other Blogger users out there have similar backgrounds and interests.

Here is my Blogger profile that I configured in the examples above:

Add a Blogger Profile gadget to your Blog Layout

Once you have set up your Blogger Profile, add a Profile gadget to your blog's layout or display your profile below your blog posts. Note that if you want to create a truly custom Profile on your blog, you can use a HTML/Javascript gadget to add all the information you want to share (which is what I've done on my right menu here).

1. Sign in to Blogger and click Layout on the left menu.

2. On the Layout page, click + Add a Gadget

3. Select Profile from the Gadget list
4. Configure the Profile Gadget to add a title and choose whether it links to your profile or displays your location.
5. Save the gadget and drag it to the position you want it to appear on your blog's layout.

6. Save changes to your layout.

The exact design of the gadget depends on your blog's theme.  You can modify the theme by clicking Theme  on the left menu and then clicking the Customize button. The example is a blog using the Emporio theme.

Some blog themes also let you display your Blogger Profile below your posts. 

1. Sign in to Blogger and click Layout on the left menu

2. On the Blog Posts gadget click the Pencil or Edit icon. 

3. In the Blog Posts gadget, tick the box next to Show Author Profile Below Post

4. Save  the changes.

Switch from a Google+ Profile to a Blogger Profile

If you have been using a Google+ Profile for your Blogger account, when you sign in to Blogger you should see a notice suggesting you switch to a Blogger profile "at your earliest convenience".  With the shutdown of Google+ just a few days away, now is the time!

It just takes a few minutes to set up and configure your Blogger Profile. 

If you are already using a Blogger Profile, scroll up to the instructions for configuring your Blogger Profile above.

1. To start the process click the "here" link on the notice or go to

You can also start by opening your Blogger Settings > User Settings, clicking the Blogger profile option, then clicking the Save Settings button.

2. When the confirmation screen options, click Switch to a Blogger Profile

Note that once consumer Google+ shuts down, Blogger will likely skip this confirmation step.

3. The Confirm your Profile page will open. Enter the name you want to use as the author of your Blogger blogs.

This does not need to be the same as your Google account name.

Then click Continue to Blogger
That will set up your Blogger profile. But it will have no profile photo or personal details.

Now you can customize your Blogger profile.

Updated September 2021.


  1. Very timely post, considering!

  2. Wow, This is very informative post. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Thank you so useful i like it

  4. how to put the author image or profile image to the top of each blog's posts?

  5. I am so curious how to move author profile image to the top of each blog's posts? It is easy becase You use Notable theme like mine "demi waktu'

    But would you like write how to implemented it into contempo?

    1. That is beyond my expertise. But if you want to try to figure it out, you might compare the Contempo theme HTML to the Notable (or other theme) HTML.

  6. Wòw.. Very useful.. Love it every words 💚🕊🌱

  7. I would like to insert a "show more" link in About Me instead of showing my entire introduction. Maybe just a sentence, then "show more", which would link to the rest of it.

  8. Replies
    1. In your Blogger profile settings, you can make the profile private. There isn't any way to completely delete it once it's created.

  9. Hi, thanks for sharing such a great article. I want to show the blogs I follow under "About Me" in the Blogger profile. I have selected the "Show sites I follow" option and added the website I want to follow as my reading list. But the profile does not show that at all. Can you help me how to show the sites I follow under about me? Thanks again.

    1. TrendyWebz: I'm not sure why that isn't working for you. I'll have to look into whether that feature still works. In the mean time, do send feedback to Blogger directly, to let them know that this feature isn't working on your profile, and that you do want it to work.

  10. How to minimise the post space....I am writing small things but there are still more space left.

  11. Hello, I have a question.
    When we read any article on blogger, and when we click on the author name on any post, we get redirected to blogger profile.
    But I want to redirect user on a specific page when they click on author's name on any blogger post.
    What should I do? Please help.

    1. It should be possible to edit your blog theme so that the author name is linked to a different page, but how to do that exactly is outside my expertise.
      You may want to post in the official Blogger help community.

    2. I have an old Blogger account from 2010 do not use or monitor. I believe I created it with an old email account that's not even Gmail. However Google automatically sign me in. I can somewhat change my profile and add a comment to the one post I'd ever did. I cannot create new post. I do not have the drop down menu the last inside to change the theme or anything. I just had the settings button. So do I really have access to this blog or not? There is a form that I can request Google to delete the blog but they asked for my real ID to send to god-knows-where. I don't know why they need this to verify me when they didn't need it when I set up the account. Why don't they just send me a text to verify me just like they do with other Google products? This is dangerous having this blog account out there where anyone can post anything even inappropriate things on my blog site that I am responsible for, yet I can't delete it. My blog site very generic and looks like a very old version with no themes. Why don't I have a drop down menu above the settings? Or is there a way to make my blog private without the use of the dropdown menu?
      Thank you.

    3. Pandemic Blogger: it sounds like you may be signed in to Blogger as an author of your blog, rather than as the administrator. If you ever had a different Google account, try signing in to Blogger with that. The email username for the Google account is not necessarily a Gmail email.

      If you are not able to sign in as the administrator of the blog, you can use the form you found. However, you have to prove it is actually your blog, which is why they need to see your ID to make sure it matches the blog owner information.

      If you want to use Google account recovery instead, you can do that starting here.

  12. Hi! How to add social media link at blogger profile description?

    1. The Blogger profile ( does not have a place to enter a social media profile URL. You can enter a link in the "homepage" field. If you do not have a home page with social media details, you can link that to Linktree or a similar service.

  13. Hi! I am new on blogger and I just started. I found this very helpful. Thanks. There's something I wanted to ask you.. I want to follow other blogs, but I don't know any sites. The question is." How to know which sites to follow?" I can't find any other bloggers on internet as well, neither do I know how to find them on blogger. By the way, Here's my blog URL " " . I hope you will like my stories and positively criticize in the comments. As I said before, I just started, I don't have many posts. I hope you will help me with my issue. Thanks again.

    1. Hi The.Writer.HS : The way I usually find new blogs is when someone else links to them or recommends them. It's a very gradual process. You're a writer, so you might check out the websites of some authors you like to see if they have a blog. And then if they link to others, check those out, and so forth.

    2. Hi! Thanks. I will see to that and I also found a way from the Blogger Help Community. I will try both.
      Thanks again.

  14. I am following a lot of blogs and I want this to be shown on my profile page. But the list does not appear. The checkbox in the configuration is set. I also checked and unchecked it and of course saved the config. But no change happens.

    1. Hi Queen Cagouya, it may be that the followed blog list isn't currently working. If you have your profile set to include the blogs you follow, please post a question in the Blogger help community ( ) for assistance.


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