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Last chance to download your short link information

The link shortening service will be shut down on March 30, 2019. This is your last chance to download your short link information.

Note that the short links will continue to redirect correctly, you just won't be able to create new links or view data about your existing links.

Google's replacement is Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL), which are designed for app developers. Existing short links short links will not be migrated to the Firebase console/API.

Download your short link data

1. Sign in to your Google account and open  

You will see a table of your data:

  • Original URL
  • Date short link was created
  • Short URL
  • Number of clicks on the short URL

2. Click the Download CSV link to download your data as Comma Separated Values

The CSV data can be imported into Google Sheets or into any spreadsheet software.

Read the original announcement on the Google Developers blog for more details.