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Weekly Update - March 2, 2019: YouTube Policy, Duo for Web, Search Console

March has arrived along with tons of updates for YouTube, messaging, webmasters and businesses. it’s also time to start saying goodbye: Allo and Inbox will be shut down this month. And while consumer Google+ won’t be shut down until April 2nd, the legacy Google+ API will shut down March 7th, which will affect Google+ widgets and features on 3rd party sites. Plus the Google-wide notification bell will also disappear. It's not going to be a happy week.
 Read on for more links, tips and updates for businesses, Plussers, Android users and more.

Image:  It’s March and daffodils are in bloom. Spring is around the corner! Image by LoggaWiggler on Pixabay (Free for commercial use)


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  2. Mam i have got "Valuable Inventory: No content" ? Why? can you tell me please. I have 15 articles but AdSense website review said no content.

    1. Abhsinchau: is it the blog on your Blogger profile? I tried to view it and got an error that the server IP address could not be found. The first thing you need to do is make sure the custom domain you are using works.

      Then consider that the 15 articles may not be sufficient original content for AdSense. AdSense doesn't consider embedded videos as part of your content for example.

    2. Mam its a wordpress website. I have wrote near about 18 articles. I have wrote all content in my words. That's mean its a original.

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    4. All I can suggest is to continue to add original content for a few months, then apply again.


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