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Now Report users when you block them in classic Hangouts

Now when you block someone in classic Hangouts on desktop you can choose to also report them to Google. When you choose to report someone, When you report someone for abuse, a copy of the last 10 messages of your conversation is sent to Google for review.

There are two ways to report someone in Hangouts:
There are a few limitations:
  • Reporting is only available on the web at and in Gmail
  • You can block, but not report, someone in the Android and iOS Hangouts app
  • You can only block someone in a group conversation using the Android or iOS Hangouts app
  • Blocking someone means you can't chat in a 1:1 conversation, but you will be able to participate in the same group chat. Learn what happens when you block someone in Hangouts.
Note that eventually Google will migrate users from classic Hangouts to the new Hangouts Chat, which is currently only available in G Suite accounts. Google has not announced when that will happen. This tutorial is for classic Hangouts.

Learn more in the Hangouts Help Center: Block, report, or ignore someone

Block and Report Someone from a Hangout Invite

You can control who can contact you through your Hangouts Invite settings. But if someone sends you an unwanted invite, you can block them and report them.

1. Sign in to Hangouts at or in Gmail on desktop
2. Open your Invites list
  •  At click "Invites" on the left menu
  •  In Gmail, click your name at the top of the Hangouts left on the left sidebar to open Settings, and then click Invites
3. Click the invitation to open the discussion
4. At the bottom of the discussion window click the Ignore button

5. On the Ignore screen select Block and/or Report
6. Click OK

Note that the Report option is not available in the Hangouts mobile app.

Block and Report Someone in a Hangouts Conversation

Note that you can only block and report people in individual 1:1 conversations on desktop. You can  block someone in a group conversation in the Hangouts mobile app, but there is not a Report option.

1. Sign in to Hangouts at or in Gmail on desktop
2. Click the person in the Hangouts list to open the conversation
3. At the top right of the conversation window, click the Gear Icon to open the Options menu

4.  Click Block & Report

5. To report abuse, select the “Also report” checkbox (if you only want to block the person, don't select this).
6.  Click Confirm

Note that the Report option is not available in the Hangouts mobile app.


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