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How to block (or unblock) someone in Google Hangouts

If someone is harassing you, spamming you or you otherwise don't want them to contact you or see your content you can block them on Google+, Google Photos, Hangouts or YouTube Contacts. Blocking them in one product will block them across Google.

When you block someone in Google Hangouts:

Individual conversation:
  • you cannot send or receive Hangout chat messages
Group conversation:
  • you can join a group chat with the person you blocked
  • the person you blocked can join group chats you are in
  • you will be able to see each others messages
Video calls: 
  • you cannot join a video call with someone you blocked and vice versa
Note: if you use Hangouts for Project Fi or Google Voices calls and SMS, those services may be affected.

Read on to get detailed instructions on How to block (or unblock) someone in Hangouts

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1. Sign in to Hangouts at , in Gmail, or using the Hangouts Chrome Extension

2. Open the individual Hangout conversation or invite from the person you want to block

3. Click the gear icon at top right of the chat window to open the conversation Options

4. On the Options screen Click Block

5. Click Block again to confirm

How to unblock someone in Google Hangouts 

You can unblock people in your Hangouts Settings.

1. Sign in to Hangouts at , in Gmail, or using the Hangouts Chrome Extension
    (Note: this option is also available in the Hangouts mobile app)

2. Click the 3 line menu icon at top left

3. Click Settings from the menu

4. On the Settings screen click "Blocked People"

5. To the right of their name click Unblock

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