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How to block (or unblock) someone on Google+

Note: after the shutdown of consumer Google+ on April 2, 2019 you can find and manage your block list at
Anyone you blocked on Google+ should still be blocked in Google Hangouts, Google Photos, Google Maps and YouTube Contacts.

If someone is harassing you, spamming you or you otherwise don't want them to contact you or see your content you can block them on Google+, Google Photos, Hangouts or YouTube Contacts. Blocking them in one product will block them across Google.

If you block someone on Google+:
  • you are removed from their Circles, and can't add you back
  • they cannot see your posts made after blocking them (while signed in to their account)
  • they cannot comment on your posts
  • they cannot see your comments
  • they cannot plus mention you
  • you cannot see the content they post
  • if they post in a Community you own or moderate, you will be able to see your post 
  • if you post in a Community they own or moderate, they will be able to see your post
Blocking someone on Google+ also blocks them in Hangouts, Google Photos, and YouTube Contacts.

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1. Open the profile you want to block on Google+, either on desktop or in the mobile app

2. Click the 3 dot menu icon on their profile header

3. Select Block profile

4. Read the information that appears and click Block again

How to unblock a person or page on Google+

There are three ways to unblock someone on Google+:

 Visit their profile and reverse the blocking process

    1. click the 3 dot menu icon
    2. select Unblock Person

 Remove them from the Blocked Users list in your Google+ Activity Log

   1. Open your Google+ Settings (
   2.  Click the link to your Activity Log

   3.  On the Activity Log page, click the menu at the top to switch to People you blocked
         Or open:

     4. Click the X next to the person or page's name to unblock them and remove them from the list

 You can view and manage all the Google identities you've blocked in your Google Account's Blocked User list