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YouTube now removing "mature" content targeting children

YouTube is now removing videos with "mature" content that target younger children and families (based on title, description and tags), including videos with sexual themes, obscene content, and violence. Previously these videos were just age-restricted.

Videos labeled "for children", "for kids" or "family fun" will fall under this policy.
Examples of content aimed at kids that will now be removed
Examples of content that will now be removed

Such content that is not targeted to children may be age restricted, but not removed.

Any content that was uploaded prior to this update may be removed, but should not result a strike.
Learn more about YouTube's Child Safety policies and recent changes to YouTube policy to protect kids.

Read on to learn how to protect your channel from video removals, or appeal a strike or age restriction.

How to protect your channel from video removals

Always make sure your videos comply with the YouTube Community Guidelines. If you make "edgy" cartoons or other content that might be mistakenly considered to be aimed at children, make sure your video descriptions, titles and tags match your intended audience.

You can also age-restrict your own videos after they are uploaded. Age-restricted videos can only be viewed by 18+ viewers signed in to their account.

Also keep in mind that if you want to monetize your videos, they must comply with the advertiser-friendly guidelines. Age-restricted videos are not eligible for monetization.

If you are making videos for children, be sure to follow YouTube's guide for creating content for YouTube Kids.

How to appeal a Community Guidelines Strike or Age Restriction

If you believe that your video was incorrectly removed or age-restricted, you can submit an appeal.

To appeal an age restriction, click the "Appeals Link" next to your age-restricted video in your channel's Video Manager.  You can only appeal age restriction on your video once.

To appeal a Community Guidelines strike:
  1. Sign in to YouTube on a desktop computer.
  2. Click your profile picture at top right, then select Creator Studio (
  3. In Creator Studio, on the left menu, click Other features then select Status and features 
  4. Go to the Community Guidelines Status section where your strike should be listed
  5. Select Appeal this decision
There are some limitations:
  • You may only appeal a Community Guidelines strike once (but there is no penalty for rejected appeals)
  • You may only appeal for 30 days after the warning or strike was issued
  • YouTube may restore the video, decide to age-restrict it, or reject the appeal


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