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YouTube Studio Beta is now the default - but you can (for now) switch back to Classic

Starting this month, YouTube Studio Beta ( is now the permanent default for your channel. That means if you use a link to the Classic Video Manager, Analytics, or Dashboard you will be redirected to Studio Beta.

As Studio Beta is still a work in progress, not all Classic features are available yet. That means - for now - you can switch back to the Classic version of Creator Studio.
But before you do that, give Studio Beta a serious try. The Classic version will be going away later this year, and YouTube really wants your feedback. You should see a banner at the top of your dashboard with a survey link. As it says, don't hold back!
Note that if you are having trouble getting Studio to load, the problem may be that your web browser is out of date. You should see a message if that's the case. You can use current versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera and Safari. For now you can still switch back to Classic, but eventually you'll have to update your browser to access your dashboard, video list and analytics.

Learn more about the change in the announcement in the official YouTube Help Community.

Find Classic features missing in Studio Beta

There are a number of YouTube features that are currently only available in Classic. You can get to those features by clicking Other Features on the left menu. That will provide you with a list of links to Classic-only features.  Direct links to those features will continue to work until they are ported into Studio Beta.
As of this writing (August 6, 2019), the following features are only available in Classic:
The menus in Studio Beta are context dependent, so when you are viewing information for a specific video, you will see different "Other Features" options.

On a video details page, the Other Features are:
  • Translation & Transcription
  • Promote (using Google Ads to advertise your video)
Once you have used the Classic feature, you can then return to Studio Beta.

How to temporarily switch entirely to Classic

If you don't want to use Studio Beta at all, you can switch to Classic. Just click Creator Studio Classic at the bottom of the left menu.

You will be prompted to let YouTube know why you are switching. While you can skip that question, it's better to actually explain why you are switching back, as YouTube is making an effort to get user feedback.

Note that you can no longer set Creator Studio Classic as the default. The next time you sign in to YouTube, you'll be back in Studio Beta.  So give it a serious try, and let YouTube know what you think.