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AdSense improving invalid activity detection; adding action notifications to your Policy Center

AdSense is improving their systems that detects potentially invalid ad traffic. That allows AdSense to limit ad serving to protect the Google Ads advertisers. Up until now, actions around invalid activity have been opaque to users, and AdSense is working to change that too.

To make enforcement more transparent, AdSense and AdMob Publishers will soon be able to see notification of ad traffic restrictions in their account's Policy Center. The goal:
This will allow [Publishers] to understand why they may be experiencing reduced ad serving, and what steps they can take to resolve any issues and continue partnering with us.
Note that AdSense unlikely to provide any details about the detected sources of invalid activity. It's your responsibility to monitor your AdSense account for unusual activity and make sure you are not encouraging clicks or generating low quality traffic.

Read on to learn how to check your AdSense Policy Center for violations, and what to do if your account is suspended or disabled for invalid traffic.

How to view your AdSense Policy Center

1. Sign in to your AdSense account (
2. On the left menu click Account
3. Under Account click Policy Center

4. In the Sites with enforcements section, find and click the site with the violation
5. Click the Down arrow to see details of the violation

Be sure to fix any identified issues, as ongoing violations could cause your account to be disabled! Start with this article in the AdSense help center: How you can prevent invalid traffic
Note that this only applies to AdSense for Content, the ads you place on your own website or blog. The Policy Center does not list violations on a linked YouTube channel. 

What to do if your AdSense account is suspended or disabled for invalid traffic

AdSense may suspend or disable accounts generating large amounts of invalid activity. There may not be any warning. When AdSense does this, any earnings are returned to the advertisers.

Account Suspension: Your AdSense account may be temporarily suspended for invalid activity. This gives you time to investigate the source of invalid traffic and put measures in place to prevent invalid traffic in the future. 

There is no appeal for a suspension. After the suspension period is completed, your account will be reviewed and either unsuspended, if the problems are fixed, or terminated if the invalid traffic is ongoing.  

You can submit feedback about the suspension process, but this is not a way to request your account be reinstated.

Account Disabled:  If your AdSense account is disabled for invalid traffic, you do have the option to submit an appeal. However, before you appeal, note:
  • The appeal form is NOT a way to request additional information
  • You need to fix any issues with your traffic sources or ad implementation before you appeal
  • AdSense may only review the first appeal you submit, so you need to make it as complete and convincing as possible