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GPF Basics: Post a question in the Google Product Forums

Do you have a problem, question or feedback about a Google product or service such as YouTube, Gmail, Hangouts or AdSense? You have checked the appropriate Help Center and searched the product's help forum, but you still can't find an answer.

What can you do next? Post your own new topic in the Google Product Help Forum!
This is easy to do:
  1. Open the correct help forum
  2. Click the red New Topic button on top right
  3. Type up your question - including all the necessary details!
  4. Select a Category
  5. Click POST
There are more advanced posting options that can help you better compose a question that will get you the answer you want and need. Read on for all the details.

GPF Basics: getting around the Google Product Forums

1. Find the right google product help forum!
2. Join the forum and configure your membership and email settings
3. Search the forum for similar questions
4. Reply to a topic
>> 5. Post a new topic of you own 
  • Click the "New Topic" button at the top of the forum
  • Set a category
  • Enable or disable email notifications
  • Format your post, insert images, attach references
  • Post
6. Find your discussions

Post a new topic in the Google Product Forums

If you've searched a Google product's help forum and not found an answer to your question, the next step is to post a New Topic of your own. You'll see the "New Topic" button at the top right of the main forum page or your search results.

Note: You can post a new topic from either the forum's home page or from the forum's Category or search results page. You cannot post a new topic from an individual topic page.

New Topic Options

When you click "New Topic" a post page open. If you have not yet joined the forum, you will be prompted to join.

Note: Top Contributors, Rising Stars and other forum experts may see additional options.

Type your question, then click POST

This is all you need to do to reply. The other options are optional!

Enable "Email me discussion activities" 

Click the box to the left to enable email notifications of new replies to the topic.

Format text

Format the text of your reply, including font size, color and layout.

Insert image

Click the camera icon to insert an image in your post.

Insert link

              Click the chain icon to insert a link. Note that you can simply paste a URL into a post instead.

Attach a reference
Click the paperclip icon to attach a reference. It can be a file, web page, image or video.  
          A thumbnail of the reference will display at the bottom of a post.
Click "web search" on the left to find and attach  a reference from the Help Center

Click POST and you're done!


  1. I have an album made back in 1994. Decide to add more pictures to album without opening it. It was an album that had text and then a pictures to match. Can the original be restored? Thought it was saved or backed up. What now?

    1. Hi stop the anxiety: I recommend checking your Google Album Archive ( Also, if it was a Picasa Web Album, I recommend you ask in the official Picasa help forum (Picasa is retired, but the forum is still there:!forum/picasa).


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