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Week in Review - August 1, 2015: Google+-YouTube breakup edition

This week's big news: Google+ is changing focus. It will no longer be a social layer across all Google products, but instead will focus on being an "interest-based social experience" - Google+'s biggest strength. To that end, Google+ integration will be gradually removed from other Google products and services.That separation has already been happening with Google Photos, Hangouts and Local business reviews.

The biggest change over the coming months will be disconnection of YouTube from Google+. The first step in that process is the separation of Google+ posts and YouTube comments. A Google+ share of a YouTube video will no longer appear as comment on that video, and the option to share a comment to Google+ will be removed. Sharing a video to Google+ will still be an option, but it probably won't be different from sharing to Facebook, Twitter, VK or any other social network. The process has just begun  - don't delete your YouTube-connected Google+ Profile yet!

I'm looking forward to seeing what will happen with Google+ - I'm hoping that Google convinces people to choose to sign up and participate on Google+ because it's a place they find interesting and engaging.

Also this week, Hangouts updated with more (non-Google+) control of invites, AdSense and Blogger implemented changes to comply with the European Union cookie notification policy, and there are tips and tricks for photographers, video creators, local business customers and more. Read on!

Image:  The way I envision Google+ moving from being a social layer over all Google products to standing on its own among the many.

Google+'s new focus and separation from YouTube 

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