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Week in review - August 29, 2015: YouTube Gaming FTW!

This week YouTube Gaming launched, making it easier to find your favorite gaming content and be notified of new live streams (and Hangouts on Air)!  There are also tips for Google+, Google Photos, AdSense and more.

Image: my YouTube Gaming channel (with no gaming content). You can find it at

YouTube and Video Creators

  • YouTube Gaming is live and live is better! (YouTube)
  • Indian YouTube Creators: YouTube Space Mumbai is coming soon! (YouTube Creators
  • Facebook video update: improving matching technology to prevent unauthorized video uploads

Live Broadcasting

  • YouTube Gaming is live and live is better! (YouTube)
  • Use YouTube Gaming to get notified when a Hangout on Air starts (G+ discussion of my blog post)


  • Google+ Tip: quickly review your notifications (Robert Wallis)
  • Make your Google+ Community look good: add a Community cover image (Jaana Nystrom)
  • A t-Shirt for Hardcore Google+ Fans (Circle Count)

Google Photos

  • Google Photos tip: find the unsaved Creations you inadvertently swiped away (John Elstone)


  • Hangouts updates based on user feedback (Jordanna Chord)


  • AdSense Publishers: comments are a part of your site's content
  • AdSense Publishers: optimize AdSense revenue using Google Analytics (AdSense)

And more!

  • Google Map Maker enabled in 45 more countries, including the United States
  • Chrome will start automatically pausing Flash ads on September 1st
  • Smart Refrigerator exposes your Google account login: Internet of Things needs better security

Updated March 2019 to remove Google+ links