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Week in Review - August 8, 2015: YouTube Player, Plus for G+, Android Security Updates

This week YouTube launched their new video player, stopped freezing views at 301+, and stopped displaying comment updates under the Bell icon.  Olivier Jobert shared the unofficial "Plus for Google+" Chrome extension  that brings back a few retired Google+ features.  Google, Samsung, LG and Motorola announced regular security updates for their Android devices (goodbye Stagefright security bug).

There were also big changes in Local search results, AdSense introduces a new richer text ad, and you can now share from the Android Slides app to a Hangouts video call.  There are also tips and tricks for Google+, YouTube, Maps, Blogger and more.

Dive in!

Image: Clarice Beckett - Beach Scene 1932 (now in the public domain)


  • New! The unofficial Plus for Google+ Chrome extension removes +1'd posts from your Stream and restores the +YourName link on the Google navigation bar (Olivier Jobert)
    Install the Plus for Google+ Chrome Extension (Chrome Store)
  • Tip: Share your favorite Google+ Collection - someone else's, or even your own (Sooraj Wadhwa)
  • Promotion: Photowalk with Trey Ratcliff​ and you could win prizes or have your photo featured by Google+ (Google+)
  • Discussion: Speculations on the future of Google+: automated interest discovery? (Mark Traphagen @ Marketing Land)
  • Discussion: Google+ Birthday Love Fest (we love the Google+ team too) (Karthik Nagaraj)

Local Businesses on Google

Google Photos

  • Research: Google and MIT researchers demonstrate an algorithm to remove reflections from photos


  • New! Goodbye videos frozen at 301 views! (YouTube Creators) 
  • New! The new YouTube video player launches ! (YouTube Creators) 
  • New! YouTube comment updates are no longer displayed under the Bell (YouTube Help Forum)
  • Tips: Musicians and bands: learn the secrets to YouTube success
  • Discussion: Facebook is streaming more video than YouTube! Or is it? (Hank Green @ Medium)
    Discussion: Facebook defends video practices (TechCrunch) 
  • Tips: How to set up your lighting for indoor video shoots (Expert Video Coaching) 
  • Tips: Enhance and edit your YouTube video with Special Effects (YouTube Help)

    Live Broadcasting

    • Facebook introduces live streaming - for celebrities
    • Sywork is Live Streaming for artists and illustrators

    Hangouts and Mobile Chat



    • Tips: Blogger blog owners: style, change or disable the automatic Blogger EU Cookie Notice (Marc Ridey)
    • Tips: Having trouble finding your most recent Blogger blog images in Picasa Web Albums? Don't Panic! Large albums may not display all images (me)

    Android Security


    • New! Google Drive plugin for Microsoft Office (Google Docs)
    • New! Google Slides for Android now lets you present in a Hangouts video call from your phone or tablet (Google Docs)
    • New! Now you can ⭐️ and save any #MyMap to explore later on Google Maps for Android. (Google)
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    Updated March 2019 to remove Google+ links


    1. Thank you for these round-ups every week, Peggy! You make my job a lot easier. :)

    2. Happy to share! The secret us that I started doing it for myself, to keep a catalog of updates and tips, so it's nice to hear when other people find it useful too.

    3. Happy to share! The secret us that I started doing it for myself, to keep a catalog of updates and tips, so it's nice to hear when other people find it useful too.

    4. Hi Peggy K, only you can help us. All of my channels, and many others have Monetization disabled. We didn't receive ANY MAILS about it. Adsense accounts works properly. Accounts are good standing. All of videos for example on this account

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      I've tried to send feedback what was a solution from youtube but nobody answer the question why we lose monetization.

      I've never break up youtube/google/adsense policy.

      If you can Please help me and other youtube partners. You can see on youtube products forum that there are thousands of us who have the same problem. Can you ask youtube about it?


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