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Week in Review - August 22, 2015: Google Photos, Hangouts, Google+ Collections

This week we have new Google Photos features, a home page for Hangouts, Google+ Collections search and Google support on Twitter. 

We also learned "M" is for Marshmallow, YouTube Audio Library has 1000 new tunes, Maps "Views" was retired, and there are updates and tips for Blogger, Google Photos, Google Docs and Sheets.

Image: Elegant Ladies at the Races by Oscar Blum (1867-1912). The lady on the right would have loved Google Photos!

Google Support

  • New! Tweet your Google product questions with the #gHelp hashtag to get help - or jump in and start helping! (Google Top Contributors)
  • New! Get help with Google Photos in the new official Google Photos Help Forum (forum link)

Google Photos

  • New! Get help with Google Photos in the new official Google Photos Help Forum (forum link)
  • Update: Time-stamp editing on the web, reorder Photos in an album (Google Photos
  • Update: Google Photos for Android now supports Google+ business Pages, offers more Movie editing options, lets you reorder content in albums and more! (Google Photos)
  • Update: Google Photos new feature: rediscover photos from the past (Google Photos)
  • Update: Google Photos for iOS update: change the cover photo, save animations as videos, rediscover this day and more (Google Photos)
  • Update: Google Maps Views is retired - find your photos in Google Maps "Contributions" (Google Maps)
  • Tip: Get Analytics for shared Google Photos links (John Elstone)


  • Update: Google+ introduces search for Collections (Peter Zheng)
           Here's what the new Collections search looks like (me)
  • Tip: Google+ Community Owners and Managers: Get Community stats with the Community Meter Chrome extension (Olivier Jobert and Romain Vialard)
  • Article: Google Photos + Hangouts + Streams: is Google ahead of the times? (Jack Wallen @ Yahoo Finance)

YouTube and Video  

  • Update: 1000 free tracks added to the YouTube Audio Library (YouTube Creators)
  • Tip: Creatively use sound effects to improve your videos 
  • Tip: Improve audio quality in videos shot with your smartphone (Vimeo)

Live Streaming

  • Watch coders code live: makes a solo activity social 
  • The ultimate guide to (via Mike Downes)


  • Update: Hangouts gets a good-looking page of its own at (Jordanna Chord)
  • Tip: Verify your phone number to let your friends easily start a Hangout with you (Jordanna Chord)

Blogger and Webmasters

  • Tip: Blogger blog advanced tip: customize a Dynamic Views template (Marc Ridey)
  • Tip: site hacked? Here are tools to help clean it up (Google Webmasters)

Productivity - Maps, Docs

  • Update: Google Maps Views is retired - find your photos in Google Maps "Contributions" (Google Maps)
  • Update: Sheets for Android makes it easier to edit spreadsheets on the go (Google Docs)
  • Update: now preview print layout in the Google Docs app for Android or iOS (Google Docs)
  • Tip: Send your notes and highlights on Google Play books to a folder on Google Drive (Google Docs)
  • Tip: Clean up your Google Contacts (Jordanna Chord)Android


Updated March 2019 to remove Google+ links