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Fundo virtual events platform shutting down March 31

Fundo, the virtual events platform developed by Google's Area 120, is shutting down on March 31. 

The platform was aimed primarily at YouTube Creators, but was open to all in September 2020. It allowed creators to easily set up paid workshops, meet-and-greets, and one-on-one meetings with fans. 

Why is it shutting down? There wasn't any reason given beyond "all Area 120 projects are reviewed regularly, and while some of these experiments continue on, others may be shut down." Googlers running Area 120 projects do have the opportunity to"pitch their projects to other Google departments and product areas for potential integration," but it seems that Fundo didn't find a home.

I am a bit surprised, as virtual events are the done thing at the moment. It may be that Fundo couldn't compete with video conferencing platforms like Zoom and social sites with audio and video chat like Discord and Facebook.

Here's what's happening: 

  • Scheduled events will continue as planned.
  • You can sign in to Fundo through March 31 to access your event history and download your photo booth images.
  • Creators must connect their account to Stripe before March 31 to receive their earnings.

For more details see the Fundo Sunset FAQ.